• August 2016- Yoga, the Culture of Now

    Hi everyone !!!

    This is the new egazete of august Lights of the world !

    with a taste of beach and lemon :)


                                        The theme? Humour !...Aout 2016 - Yoga, la culture de Maintenant

    Aout 2016 - Yoga, la culture de MaintenantAh no ?

    Ah uff sorry, I am wrong..

    Ah of course.. you guessed the theme .........Yoga !!!


    Aout 2016 - Yoga, la culture de Maintenant


    Some texts and videos which might one  day convince you that definitely yoga is the Top !!!

    See .......................................................




    Here text about

    "YOGA = PEACE and HARMONY in the WORLD "

    Almost mathematically proven, YES, yoga can bring peace in the world, harmony and sustainable ecology

    How? Why  ....there we go follow this link !!



    Here, a very inspiring source of knowledge and wisdom: a magnificent video where SadhGuru addresses the United Nations! Yes, a spiritual master speaking in the United Nations, and showing scientifically how yoga can bring sustainable peace, harmony, well being to all and solve all problems that we experience nowdays..

    The theme: "How yoga  can help UN to reach the goals of sustainable development"


    Of course it is not really short, one hour .. yet it is a priceless present coming to your home... wisdom and solutions for all our problems, optimistic vision of the world which bring up our moral to light ! So why not watch this film tonight ! SadhGuru is indeed really funny ! Maxwell Kennedy is making the interview and it is followed by questions asked by the politicians present in the audience..  who now ...ALL do yoga !

    Ok, if you really cannot take one hour to watch this video, here is a short report but of course, impossible to translate into words the very specific atmosphere that was palpable there even through the internet! ... so here is the report ...


    Finally a small present, this mini video ( 2 minutes) showing how huge have become the celebrations of the International Yoga Day this year! All over the world people in huge amount practicing yoga .. Thanks to  Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India who had this proposition adopted by UN...

     Narendra Modi's message :

    "Yoga allows one to perceive the sense of union with oneself, the world and the nature"

    My message:

    "If all prime ministers in the world could do yoga, the world would be at peace, NOW .... and ... it is coming ! ..."

    You dont agree ? well, we can talk about it during the break ! :)...



    So you see, Yoga is gaining a popularity which has never been seen before on our planet ! ... Be it at individual level, or at the level of politicians, yoga is now spreading like wild fire ... wild wisdom ... wild love ?!!


    Remember this, because it will be very fast:

    Yoga is now changing the world...

     Yoga is becoming the Culture of Now


    Om shanti hi hi hi !

    Isabelle  Sannyasi Yogapushpa