• The ocean and the drops of water

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    L'océan et les gouttes d'eau

    You probably know already the famous best seller "The City of Joy" by Dominique Lapierre,... and maybe "Freedom at midnight".. and so many other books which all became best sellers... not to mention the movies...


    .....      L'océan et les gouttes d'eau......

    However do you know that the inexhaustible reporter, journalist, writer Dominique Lapierre along with his spouse (also named Dominique) ceaselessly travel to India ?


    Because they there founded the "City of Joy".... Here an extract of what you can read on the association's website;



    A rescue, rehabilitation, and development action to improve the life of the underprivileged of Calcutta and rural Bengal in India. A 20-year crusade of love and sharing sponsored by international author Dominique Lapierre.


    City of Joy Aid is a non profit humanitarian organization dedicated to helping some of the world's most underprivileged.

    Based in Calcutta, India, this network of clinics, schools, rehabilitation centers and hospital boats has brought relief to the poorest of the poor since 1981.

    Founded and funded by French author Dominique Lapierre and his wife, the organization has neither religious nor political affiliation. Through royalties generated from Lapierre's international bestsellers, The City of Joy, Beyond Love and A Thousand Suns, through lecture fees, and donations from readers, the organization has rescued 9,000 children suffering from leprosy and other diseases due to malnutrition and poverty; suppressed tuberculosis in 1,200 villages; dug 541 tube wells for drinking water; provided medical assistance to over 5 million patients in the last 10 years; and taught the women of a thousand villages to read and write.


    The  « City of Joy » gives back their Dignity to the poorest of the poor ;


    Last month I was talking about "Padma Bushan" the high reward given to the spiritual masters, Swami Niranjan & Sadh Guru for their services to humanity;

    You will be maybe surprised to learned that Dominique Lapierre too, has been rewarded with the Padma Bushan award for the huge work he did (and continues to do) with his wife in India; It was in may 2008 : actually what happened is that thousands of poor people whom the Dominique's helped at some stage wanted so much that he might be granted with the award that they wrote letters to their president; they put the letters together so that it became a 12 kilometer long letter...... which they sent to the indian President... who approved the decision of rewarding Dominique with Padma Bushan!

    Now Dominique is around 85 years old, nevertheless he continues to travel with his wife to India to follow and support all the organisation they created to save the poors and bring them back to Dignity...

    Incredible enough... Dominique's are like following Mother Teresa's path....

    And if you think like...

    «Anyhow, the population is sooooooooo crowded there, is it really changing something?

    It's only a drop in the ocean, is'n it?"


    Mother Theresa would answer you :

    « An Ocean is Nothing without Drops »


    And I would add : 

    « What if You, or Your child would be saved by the Dominique's organisation?

    After all what make that We were born in the West, and They were born in India?"


    Om Tat Sat ;


    L'océan et les gouttes d'eau

    This article is very small in regard with the magnificent action realized by this tireless and luminous couple... Yet I hope you will be willing to learn more and be inspired by their lives...

    Here the link to "City of Joy". and actions, books, how it works to help the poorest of the poors...


    L'océan et les gouttes d'eauL'océan et les gouttes d'eauL'océan et les gouttes d'eauL'océan et les gouttes d'eau





    L'océan et les gouttes d'eauL'océan et les gouttes d'eauL'océan et les gouttes d'eauL'océan et les gouttes d'eau