• Special Noël egazete, Yoga & Light, 25 dec 2017

    Egazete Special Noël – Yoga & Light 25 decembre 2017


    15 years ago, I received from my spiritual master Swami Niranjan, the karma Sannyasin initiation. I was in India, Rikhia, and was craving for the discovery of the spiritual path.


    Spécial Noël, Yoga Lumière, 25 dec 2017

    15 years passed by. 15 years of ceaseless discoveries and teachings. 15 years on the most beautiful road I have ever walk on.

    I became naturally yoga teacher so as to transmit the treasures I received endlessly. And that’s what I want to talk about.

    Spécial Noël, Yoga Lumière, 25 dec 2017


    To be yoga teacher, what does it mean to me?

    - to have acquired certain experience and knowledge about this hugely vast subject that yoga is, and transmit them to those who ask for.

     - to be a teacher- guide advising like an elder sister, in a firm yet supple way, with discrimination and detachment (viveka & vairagya) so as to help the other’s evolution.

    - to always have in mind that i am at first the disciple of my master, yogini student, sannyasi aspirant, student of life, student of others, be they businessmen or truck conductor, engineers or doctors…

    - for there is the tangible teaching, the one that is visible, palpable ; and there is the untangible teaching, which is invisible, which takes place beyond words, beyond behaviours, beyond thoughts.

    So having the immense privilege to transmit yoga is for me a precious PRESENT.
    An OFFERING, in all meanings. A Tremendous GIFT.


    Spécial Noël, Yoga Lumière, 25 dec 2017


    To see the light shining inside one who was in the dark and becomes able to see….

    To see knowledge emerging in one who was ignorant…

    It is like to see a sick becoming healthy, a blind starting to see, a paralyzed one getting up and walking.

    And it generates a deep Joy.


    Spécial Noël, Yoga Lumière, 25 dec 2017

    Just like a candle do not lose its light while sharing with other candles, each new lit candle illuminates a bit more the whole creation and generate more joy, more light, in each of us…

    Like this yoga of light illuminate the world…

    Pure Love….

    Happy wonderful Christmas to all !

    Om tat sat

    Spécial Noël, Yoga Lumière, 25 dec 2017