• what is YOGA NIDRA ?

    Yoga nidra – the waking dream

    Yoga tells us that when we become aware, not of the images of the dream but of the  dream's process in itself, then we may enter into the very nature of the dreamer.

    This very awareness is of such intensity that it triggers by itself the process of desidentification.

    Awakening this awareness is Yoga nidra's very purpose.

    This awareness is very special state in which we become both passive and dynamic, both observer and observed.

    Gradually it induces the state of ''Drashta'' witness, and we become able to witness everything that happens inside us without reacting, judging, without responding, without creating any turmoil in the mind.

    In a way Yoga Nidra engages in the thinking process so as to neutralise it.

    what is YOGA NIDRA ?




    Yoga nidra is a very ancient yogic technique which was part of the Tantric meditations. It induces deep relaxation state and allows profound healing of our being at all levels. The original practice was called Nyasa, lasted a few hours and was accessible only to rare advanced yogis of the ancient times.
    Swami Satyananda knowing that the modern cultures would be in need of such a practice, has adapted this complicated Nyasa to the today's world, keeping its essence pure, and allowing thus each and every modern woman and man to benefit from it.
    Yoga nidra is now worldly aknowledged, practiced and helps thousands of people to cope with the modern stresses of life, understand themselves better, and possibly reach higher states of consciousness.


    what is YOGA NIDRA ?


    about the YOGA NIDRA practice in itself



    is a real travel into your whole being, which is composed
    of physical matter but also non physical one.

    Annamaya kosha is the gross body, physical body.
    Pranamaya kosha is the energy body, pranic body.
    Manomaya kosha is the mental envelop (thoughts, memories…)
    Jnanamaya Kosha is the realm of true knowledge, intuition.
    Anandamaya Kosha is the bliss body, the core of our being.

    During Yoga nidra you will hear these words, whose meanings are:
    Shavasana: name of the relaxation pose, lying on your back.
    Sankalpa: wish, resolution, aim, resolve.
    Chidakash: mind space behind the closed eyes

    You will practice “breath awareness” where simply by observing your
    natural breath, deep relaxation state will follow.
    You will become aware of sensory perceptions, see how they work,
    And learn to become the witness of yourself, this is Pratyahara.
    Further you will learn to recall, recreate sensory experiences and
    emotions, witnessing them like a witness: the “Drashta”.
    Pratyahara, withdrawal of the senses, is the requirement to go further
    into the inner exploration of oneself.
    Then you will visualise images, and stories, which might lead you
    to the very core of your being, Anandamaya kosha, the bliss body.

    From that inner journey, you come back gradually, step by step, and
    a new awareness may arise…

    Hari Om Tat Sat

    what is YOGA NIDRA ?



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    om shanti