What is Ecology according to Yoga ?


    Ecology according to Yoga means “being in harmony with Nature”.

    This appears very simple and easy to realise.

    Simply living in harmony with Nature leads us to Ecology then.


    But do we know HOW to live in harmony with Nature?

    Do we know what it involves?

    Does it mean “to eat organic food?!”

    Or “caring for the Planet which is in danger?”

    Or “moving with a bicycle so as not to heat up or pollute the atmosphere?”



    These actions only show a limited understanding of what Nature is.

    These actions only show selfish fear when facing the present situation we realise that as human being there might be maybe not enough resources on Earth .. for us

    These actions show that human being is considered as capable of destroying Nature ... can Nature really be destroyed by us ?? are we so powerful ???


    These actions only emanate from human ego.

    And do not mean that we are in harmony with Nature.


    Being in harmony with Nature means harmonising our inner Nature - ATMA - the SOUL - with outer Nature.


    Thus is implies knowing what our inner Nature is.

    What is it ? where is it ?


    That is where Yoga comes in.

    Because Yoga allows us to find the way back to our inner Nature, the inner Source. 

    Then and only then can we start to harmonise our inner Nature with outer Nature.

    Then and only then can we LIVE ECOLOGY.


    Concretely what does it mean ? 

    Does it mean that we have to throw away our ego ??

    No !!

    OF course not, and even if we'd wish to do so .. we could not !

    We need ego also

    Yet we have to refine ego,


    And to do so we have to learn what we are, how we fonction, and learn to harmonise ego with Atma our soul, our inner nature. 

    Then ego is not an obstacle any more to harmony.

    Atma the soul our inner nature, with ego refined, can be in harmony with Nature.

    This is the whole purpose of Yoga.

    Om shanti