• Message from Coco the horse, to Humans the bipeds

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    Message from Coco the horse to the Humans

    Specially for our Spanish friends loving Horses, here is a translation into Spanish (by google though so... hope you can understand!) You can download pdf HERE

    Do you know “animal communication”?

    I discovered this discipline short time ago and I have been totally astonished! One of the most beautiful surprise I came across has been this conversation between  Sachka (professional animal communicator) and Coco, a horse whom she knows...A great teaching of wisdom indeed, that, should we apply it in our lives, could bring us tons of Light!

    By transmitting Coco’s message, I express the wish that our vision towards animals evolves quickly, and that we really consider the Living Being who lives in this animal body, be it full of hair, feathers, or scales with Love and Respect because that being is intelligent & sensitive &  sentient :)

    So here is their “conversation”: (note that Coco being french, there might be some translation imperfections :) hii hiii hiii )



    Message from Coco the horse, to Humans the bipeds   Message from Coco the horse, to Humans the bipeds   Message from Coco the horse, to Humans the bipeds


    Sachka is about to leave to work and passes by the field where Coco is resting. Without “intention” of communicating with Coco, Sachka passes by and... receives an image from Coco who seems to “call” her!

    Sachka :

    I feel from his position ; I see myself passing by in front of him ;

    Coco :

    Why don’t you come and see me ? It has been a long time!

    Sachka :

    Right now, I can’t, I have an appointment, but tomorrow morning for sure, I will come and we can be together.


    I see an image of tall herbs; I understand he wants those herbs; I look at the field and notice there are no such herbs anymore; so I promise him that tomorrow I will bring him those herbs;

    Coco :

    What are you doing during your days ?

    Sachka :

    I am writing papers to transmit to human bipeds what I experience with animals, so that they can have such conversation with animals ;

    He becomes at once very joyful !

    Coco :

    May I help you ?

    Sachka  thinking :

    Humm... my rational mind wakes up! Despite of my large experience with animals, even though I know they have capacities which may be far higher than ours... I feel strange... I can’t’ imagine Coco helping me to write on the computer !... Well.. Let’s see what he wants so say... After all he suggested something...

    Sachka :

    What do you imagine ? How do you think you can help me ?

    Coco :

    Well, I have a message for them, which could facilitate greatly the things ;

    Sachka :

    Ok , may I transmit your message then ?

    He shows a very special face, like a grimace on his funny face.. (it happens quite often! Coco has a lot of humor ! He is a very funny horse !)

    He answers :

    Tell them (to the bipeds) that they are much too much serious, that they should laugh more, more often,

    Taking everything seriously, conceiving life seriously, taking all events seriously is not life, it spoils their lives, and it harms them much more than they think;

    Sachka :

    Wouah... ok then... What should we do ? At least from your point of view ?

    Coco :

    Laugh! Have fun ! Live for a giggle ! Enjoy life ! I mean, just like children who enjoy life, they feel the joy of life ;

    He shows images

    The inner joy of the child, when we jump here and there, ready to see everything from the positive vision, in joyful interaction !

    Sachka :

    But our lives are not always pleasant you know ! We have lots of obligations, we have to fulfill our goals, and sometimes we experience pressures and stresses... We have to take this seriously!

    Coco :

    No ! This is wrong ! Precisely because you take everything seriously, everything becomes complicated, heavy, like a burden; Ah if only you could see yourselves, you would understand right away!

    Sachka :

    But, what do you see then ? How do you know that ? ?

    Coco :

    The colors are changing

    Sachka :

    What do you mean by color ?

    Coco :

    When we are tense, when we take things seriously, we kill life, we kill the life principle which is in us, in each of our cells;

    Sachka :

    Hey ?? What do you mean by that ????  (I can’t really understand !)

    Image :

    A human outline, dark gray and inside, black holes, like a kind of gruyère ; the silhouette is narrow, numb, hardened withdrawn

    Sachka :

    Gosh ! What is that ? Are We that ?

    Coco :

    It is not always you, but it is you when you take things seriously ; then you become withdrawn like in a kind of cage ;

    Sachka :

    And what are those black holes, this black gruyère, what is it?

    Coco :

    They are energy holes, they drain your energy;  It’s as if you would get lost inside them; you need more energy because of those black holes; you need to pump energy from outside; it is not necessarily conscious but this is the result of being serious;

    We become enclosed because of the tensions and preoccupation and because we keep giving too much importance to them; We become grey, and the black holes try to capture energy from outside because we become empty, dry;

    Sachka :

    So ! But then how are we when we laugh ? You suggested to laugh ! But if I tell this to the human... that we have to laugh always.. they will say I am gentle daydreamer! They will laugh at me !

    Coco :

    Well, that’s how we create ; when we live each and every instant of life in joy, just by experiencing each moment, each second which is here just to be here, nothing else; that creates Life;

    Sachka :

    How to you see this ? How can You be able to see this ? What do You see when we are like this?

    Coco :

    Very simple : You are radiance !

    Image :

    Human surrounded with colors, luminous and joyful colors which turn in all directions

    Coco :

    You glow... You shine......

    Sachka :

    Does it mean that we give energy ?

    Coco :

    Not exactly, you give, you take energy, but it is like a breath, it goes through you, it comes and goes through you ; what you give is more the radiance and this bright beam awakens the sleeping energy around you ;

    You are like balls of light, balls of Life


    Sachka :

    What happens when we have a difficult emotion, like sadness, anger... ?

    Coco :

    It is just like taking things seriously ; when there is sadness, if we get attached to it, then we nourish it and get enclosed into it ; it creates like a armor around us and we cannot get out of the emotion because of this armor ;

    He sends a strong sensation of anger and I can see clearly the image of the armor around him;

    So let me paraphrase to see if I understood correctly :

    When we experience difficult emotions like sorrow, anger, you say that it is the same as taking things seriously: it kills; Right?

    Coco :

    Well, it looks like this but it does not kill. It creates absence of life, a condition where we become grey, hard, numb with those black holes inside, we withdraw in a shell because we take things seriously, we grasp them without letting go, without letting go the difficult emotions;

    During these moments we are not in the death process but in that of non life, lack of life. It is not a reality but we create the absence of life; and if we stay in that condition for some time, it may lead to disease, even to death. But that death will have nothing to compare with the way the body passes away at the end of a life... alive...

    Sachka :

    And you ? Do you also experience unpleasant emotions ? If yes, how do you deal with them?

    Coco :

    Yes it happens, and for me it is a bliss ! For example, when I feel sad for being alone, I am also thankful to this sadness, I am grateful and happy to experience sadness. I am not complaining; instead, I move through it, I jump across it...

    Image :

    As if sadness would be a curtain of water and Coco rushes through it and I can feel how thankful he is for being able to cross the veil of sorrow ;

    And from the very moment when I say « thank you for being here » when I feel the sensation in my body, when the sorrow is not an idea anymore but a physical sensation like the need for crying, from that moment, I discover that sorrow is actually fantastically pleasant, crying is a delight and being sad is an manifestation of tenderness towards myself;

    And Coco continues:

    You, the human beings you have arms to hug each other, we don’t ! But sorrow gives us arms and I find it is amazingly wonderful !

    From that very second where I feel the physical sensation, where I feel the joy created by this process, when I am thankful sincerely to sadness, at that moment, it just vanishes; and then I feel the joy of absence of sorrow;

    Sachka :

    Ouh la !!! Woaaw it is quite hard  !!  I never expected such a message ! well but I am so interested that I continue to ask

    What about anger ? Sorrow is different, we generally don’t have much power or responsibility over sorrow ; but anger... What happens with you and anger ? Do you experience anger ?

    Coco :

    Yes, it happens ; and last time I experienced anger, I was in a very pleasant place, but I wanted to get out of it, I wanted to leave, to go away to have a different life... But I felt trapped inside my body, inside my horse body. I felt trapped in this life. And then I felt very angry for being trapped in this body.


    Sachka :

    So how do you manage ?

    Coco :

    I am not resisting to anger ; should I resist, I would take it serious then ! For me it is a bliss to experience anger; it is an evidence that I am alive, I am In life and interested in life, in my horse condition with all advantages and disadvantages; it shows my interest to go further;

    Anger is just the witness that I want to go further, higher, but I cant’ because of my horse body.

    When it is here (image: anger is here, external to him, like something in front of him) I try to get across it; not only I accept that it is here, but I thank it for being here, it gives me evidence that I am alive, than I want to go further; maybe I am wrong, but at least I am not resigned. It is much worse if we are resigned.

    And from that very moment where I get into it, or across it, from the very moment where I feel it, not intellectually but physically with my senses .... pffuiii it goes away, it just vanishes...

    Image/ sensation :

    I feel Coco moving from anger to witnessinghimself with humor, as if he would see himself from outside, from another point of view: he see himself complaining about his horse condition and limitations, being frustrated; and at once, he takes a step back, see things from the outside, and starts to laugh! I can hear him laugh ! And from that moment the anger vanishes...

    Coco continues:

    Emotions are like the salt of life : they are the evidence that we are alive ; If we take them too seriously, if we get attached to them, try to understand their meaning intellectually, then we get trapped into them ;

     (image of human grey with black holes)

    It encloses you into a cage from where you have to pump energy because you are drained;

    When you have a painful or unpleasant emotion, instead of getting attached to the meaning of the emotion, observe it, simply observe it, say “thank you, you are showing me something, you are showing me I am alive”

    When we focus on the physical sensation which is generated by the emotion inside the body but also just on the surface of the skin...pfff it vanishes ! And then a so called negative emotion turns out to be a really pleasant sensation : the emotion of anger in the body becomes like a caress over the skin, on the surface of the skin, a very pleasant sensation which liberates all tensions! It is just extraordinary ! Like an instant massage!

    Sachka thinking

    Hummm Well.... I would never have imagined talking with Coco about emotions and such deep subjects, in such a deep way !.. I have matter to meditate upon for sure !

    Sachka to Coco

    Do you really want to transmit this message to the humans ?

    Coco :

    YES ! ....

    He changes instantly and becomes like a naughty boy, funny, crazy, laughing !

    He continues :

    If you could see how you harm yourself when you take everything seriously, when you get attached to emotions... If only you could see how harmful it is.... you would stop immediately!

    Laugh! Enjoy Life! Enjoy each and every moment of life !

    Feel your body! Be aware of your body always ! Feel how pleasant it can be to be in any kind of situation, not necessarily emotionally pleasant, but at the level of the physical sensations in the body ... and  then from that moment, you radiate ! you become light !

    Image :

    I see Coco shining, becoming bright, light !  He is glowing!

    Then, not only it is much more pleasant to experience, but also, it awakens the principle of life in each and every cell of our body and also around our body...

    Sachka :

    Well... Do you want to transmit something more ?

    Coco :

    Well, that’s it !

    He shows a very funny grimace !

    I tell him I will come tomorrow again and I will share his message ;


    Message from Coco the horse, to Humans the bipeds Message from Coco the horse, to Humans the bipeds Message from Coco the horse, to Humans the bipeds Message from Coco the horse, to Humans the bipeds


    So, you too, if you want, can share this message, it may help our vision towards animals to evolves !? Thank you Coco incredible horse !!!

    That’s all for today !


     Here is Sachka's website where you can find plenty of other fascinating examples of animal communications, as well as guidance to learn how to really communicate with animals; However it is a french site... But i am sure that google or other searching motor can help you find really good english websites about this subject if you are interested... Om shanti !!