• Beautiful news of summer

    News of the farm in the middle of summer... August 2017


    Tremendous heat of summer made me forget a bit about my duties of writing... Nevertheless here I am again with some lovely news:


    -- The Human venture of the Yunus Emre farm continues: two teams are now taking shape and we try to harness the messages or intentions of the farm as "living organization"  ;


    --> The « Lady group », with Alena (Belarussse) Seldjan & Betul (Turkish) :together we shall try to organize some programs or activities in the farm, according to our capabilities ... Probably other ideas might emerge during our next coming gatherings...


    Beautiful news of summer


    --> The "Farmers group" with Mehmet, Setchkin and Sefa,all three being turks and working as aviation engineers (!) in Antalya and Germany. All three had the desire and intention to buy a land where they would create their shelter, a place where they could feel the link to nature, the connection to earth, which they miss in their busy city lives ...

    One day the idea just came "what if you would buy some parts of the farm's lands?" ... Right away it became obvious, for all of us...
    So like with the Lady Group we shall organize ourselves in shared governance and eventhough we had only one circle until now, our partnership looks very encouraging...

    Let's see in the future !

    Beautiful news of summer



    -->Like this, both with the Lady group and Farmers group, we are listening to the universe's messages and try to understand and feel what the farm as living organization, expects from us; at the same time, we learn and experience the shared governance....

    A fascinating road is opening which makes me feel very grateful to all !


    Beautiful news of summer


    -- In the meantime, the farm's reopening approaches... It is planned for the 23rd september however booking of Ecotourism & Individual retreat stays are already open; A DISCOUNT of 20% is even offered to celebrated the reopening, for all booking taking place before the 30th september! 

    Here is the farm's website if you want to visit again, check the availabilities etc...




    -- Ah, I nearly forgot! Another nice news: the little truck of the farm has been sold and to replace her (?) a much more economical car has been found; it is an old french Renault 12 Toros model, which was built in the 90s specially for Turkey ! So, as we say in turkish... we shall use her... smiling !! "Gule Gule kullan" !!

    Beautiful news of summer              Beautiful news of summer

     le petit camion BéMéDjé  byebye !!                bienvenue à la Toros R12 !


    All for now... Weather is getting slowly slowly cooler... Next egazete in Autumn !

    Om shanti !

    Isabelle cats and Mavi  :)