• Jan 2017, the Thread and the Snow


    Jan 2017, the Thread and the Snow

    Jan 2017, the Thread and the Snow Jan 2017, the Thread and the Snow Jan 2017, the Thread and the Snow

    Jan 2017, the Thread and the Snow


    It's winter...lets continue to Smile !!!

    For the first time since 4 years my little house was totally ready and ultra comfortable far BEFORE winter... and I could hope for a tranquil and cosy winter where I could get some rest, prepare the gardens, repair few constructions here and there...

    Jan 2017, the Thread and the Snow

    Let’s see....

    Summer draught is STILL lasting until NOW!!! Meaning that water is continuously cut during days... So I am using big water bottles to store it and can hardly use the sun water heater !!

    Negative temperatures cause pipes to freeze so even when there is water, I must wait water to defreeze... Fortunately bottles are here!

    Storms started in January (what a month !) around Full Moon (what a full moon !)...

    First a hugely windy rainy storm which took away part of the kitchen roof... flooding and cleaning all together!!

    Then a SNOW storm came... totally unusual here, the snow fell in huge quantity and stayed almost one week!... Fortunately almost no damage in the farm, yet the villager’s greenhouses are almost all broken...

    The accumulator (storing solar electricity) as well as the invertor (converting 12v into 220v) both decided they had worked enough!... Fortunately the LEDs (small 12v lights) lighten my evenings and I have the wonderful generator to charge the computer and run the washing machine... And very soon a new accumulator and invertor will be installed (Thank YOU Donors!)

    Lastly the internet connection too has become very erratic, meaning lots of efforts to manage some communication...

    Winter is not finished and shows even much harder conditions in many other countries...

    Still smiling ? Sometimes it is hard to keep smiling, yet it is the Key !


    Jan 2017, the Thread and the Snow


    Why do I say all that ? Just to remind us that....

    Nothing is forever Granted

    Everything can change drastically within one second ;

    Even in the western countries where we tend to feel more secure in the big cities of big buildings...

    A storm comes and takes away the roofs, tremendous rain creates huge flood, hurricane, fire, thunders... Everything is Possible Any time Any where...


    Yet being ready to welcome any change any time with Smiling face

    Learning to adjust and adapt to any event


    Nourishing in our hearts

    GRATITUDE for all that we have,

    And that we do not have...

    will help us to move through the ups and downs

    of life with Contentment, Santosh”

    Jan 2017, the Thread and the Snow


    Because actually everything is hang by a thread

    And that thread is Not held by us !


    Jan 2017, the Thread and the Snow


    Om shanti hi hi hi smillliiiiiiinnnggg !

    Jan 2017, the Thread and the Snow


    Here, images of the snow storm in the farm ! It may be beautiful yes! but i prefer to see snow in the mountains !!! ha ha ha !!!

    snow storm in the farm, here

    after the snow, the sun, here

    winter’s pleasure, cats and bread:) here


    Prevision next New Moon egazete : big assessment about the last events in the farm, donations, book, egazete...

    For the Full Moon, Lights of the World, ... surprise !