• News pending on a thread in summer - july 2018

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    Pending news holding on a thread in summer – july 2018

    Dear friends of the world !!

    Sincerly, i am not forgetting you and feel even eager of the day when i can send you the final good news of all the things that are pending here.
    Yet, yes, they are pending, all in stand by, just like clothes hanging on the thread, waiting to dry under the light breeze…

    Of course the main topic is my departure from Turkey…

    -- The sale of the Sun garden looks auspicious, yet nothing finalised.. let’s wait a bit more…

    -- The conflict between the lawyer and me about the Moon garden is also taking another shape… lets wait a bit more … probably a long time to be sure of something …

    -- The cat’s trip has been a bit disturbed, Lolita has been quite seriously sick, fortunately she recovers now quickly. However, for some astonishing mistake i did, as if a blank had been put into my mind, the date of our departure (initially 24 sept) might be delayed… Putting thus a big mess into this peculiar organisation, travelling from Antalya to Lyon with 4 cats ! However i am confident and still hoping for a miracle to take place… Let’s wait a bit more…

    A part from that, summer is hot, watering minimum, trees are now big and almost autonomous. All of them give fruits : pomegranates, olives for automn and winter, and figs very soon ! A young wallnut tree even shows two big wallnuts !!!! Auspicious for the coming years !

    Completely aware that everything will fall into place in the Perfect way, i dont have much to do apart from huging my dear cats and ajusting my steps to the Univers’s dance.


              News pending on a thread in summer - july 2018 News pending on a thread in summer - july 2018 News pending on a thread in summer - july 2018


    About Dance, this year eventually, i could join the Soufi gathering taking place in the North of Turkey near Yalova where the group (Tümata) organised once more a 3 day and 3 night non stop sema. A sema is the specific dance of the Whirling Dervishes. And here, in this sacred place for the souls, the Sema is open to ALL. The dancers are not dervishes, they are you, and me, and all who want to join this fantastic gathering where each and every one receives also food and drink.

    Although they were expecting around 100 people, over 400 came and invaded the whole space !!! Camping areas were over crowded !! And one had to be very accepting regarding the very basic comfort and total lack of privacy !

    But it is precisely The point of this gathering : in such a context, we can easily feel Oneness and during the Dance, this idea becomes Experience…

    Tolerance, Openness, Exchange, Sharing, Care and Compassion … all these qualities are potent here, they are definitely the basis of the gathering where all religions, races, ethnic groups, tendances, ideas are melting into a complete acceptation of the other as he is, a brother or sister with differences and similarities.

    And This is the very message of Mevlana Rumi, the  founder of the Whirling Dervishes movement. According to whom this sema is organised every year for different durations. Last year it lasted the astonishing duration of 99 days and 99 nights ! Non stop dancing and music playing !!!!!!

    This year shortest one of 3 days and 3 nights, yet very intense.

    Spinning on the spot  with the feet pulsating with the divine music, transforming the body into a spinning top connected both to Earth and Heaven can be absolutely sublime…

    And eventhough the beginnings might be a bit disturbing, for it takes some time to find the appropriate technique and keep one’s balance, after some time… yes… it is just sublime… cant’s find another word !  Or… ecstatic !

    So eventhough I will be soon outside of Turkey, I keep this possibility of coming again for the sema in the next coming years !

    Actually for me this year has been like completing the circle : my last participation to the sema took place in august 2012. One month later the farm burned, and since then, although i eagerly wanted to participate again, it had not been possible… until now !

    This year, as the farm has been rebuilt at the same level it had before the fire, as i am about to transmit it to new gardians,  I could go there again and unite with the Friend in the sacred dance of Sema.

    The circle is complete. The book of Turkey  and the Yunus Emre farm slowly slowly comes to an end, a few more pages to come, and soon another book will start. Blank pages which will be written slowly, in the seeds of the Present Moment.


    News pending on a thread in summer - july 2018

    Mevlana Celalledin Rumi - Founder of the Whirling Dervishes - Sufi Master and Poet -

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    Happy Summer ! Talk soon !

    Isabelle alias Mirabelle !