Sannyasin Yogapushpa- Isabelle is the founder of the Yunus Emre farm, Yogic Ecological farm, in South Turkey near Antalya.

    After having been flying as bush pilot then airline pilot around the world, she discovered Yoga in 1999, met her Spiritual Master Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati in 2001 and her whole life changed for the best!

    In 2001 she underwent the 4 months certificate course in Yogic Studies, in Bihar Yoga Bharati (The first worldwide Yoga University, in Munger India) under the guidance of Swami Niranjanananda.

    Then she spent several months in India, serving in different places, travelling in some sacred locations or ashrams, always imbibing and practicing yoga.

    She received Sannyas initiation on 25 december 2002 and since then tries to follow humbly this  path of self knowledge and self evolution where each and every experience of life may be considered as a sparkle of teaching.

    After nearly 3 years in India she came back to France, in Brittany in the BijaYogashram where she started the full Satyananda Yoga Teacher Training course (3 and half long year course).

    Rikhia where Paramahamsa Satyananda was living, remains her "pilgrimage" especially during the highly powerful celebrations of the Sat Chandi Maha Yajna taking place each year there for the benefit of the whole mankind...

    In 2004, she had to go back to the world where her pilot life waited for her. Some more years in the aviation world, time to be lead to Turkey, country of Mevlana and Yunus Emre, Sufi Masters and Poets, and ultimately she settled down, created the Yunus Emre farm in 2008 - 2009;  She did not get any retirement or insurance of any kind, yet as if one page of her life would be turned, aviation left her for good.

    She founded the Yunus Emre farm as a project dedicated to Mother Nature, and to the next generations who will have to manage the world... The farm’s design is – as far as possible – using the powerful tools of permaculture. The farm transmits the knowledge and wisdom of Yoga by organising seminars, programs, retreats.

    Yogapushpa- Isabelle lives all year in the farm, trying to follow the Sannyas path, welcoming people for seminars and retreats, guiding yoga students towards better harmony.
    She is also giving yoga classes and programs in Antalya, in different places.

    On the 12 september 2012 yet, due to a terrible forest fire, the farm has been almost entirely destroyed. Only the yoga places were remaining :o)
    Since this time, the struggle and challenge are high to rebuild the farm. Yet, slowly slowly and with the help of all friends of the Yunus Emre farm around the world, things happen. More updated information to be found in the websites of the farm specially Renaissance





    From ignorance may we acceed to True Knowledge

    From darkness may we acceed to Light

    From death may we acceed to Immortality



    This is Sannyasi Yogapushpa 's wish for ALL.

    May the the Yunus Emre be a place that could help to make this wish REAL


    Om Shanti.