yoga and fear

  •                                                        Yoga and Fear,
                                           Some thoughts coming...
                Because i have the feeling that many of european people (and maybe more) fear coming to Turkey... of course due to the horrible acts of terrorism that have been committed here and there. It is understandable for sure.
    Yet, my inner conviction is that such acts should - instead of closing our doors - OPEN our hearts, STRENGTHEN our determination, and UNITE our forces and LOVE to generate always more positive vibrations and help healing our the sick mankind ...
    Mankind maybe has kind of cancer? What do we do to heal cancer ? We stop feeding the cancerous cells, and send love to the others.
    Fear is the food of terrorism.
    Stop fear, send love, and terrorism will just vanish.
    Remember, fear does only exist if you allow it to exist. Otherwise it has no existence.
    Om shanti

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