• Higher dimension of Yoga being celebrated in India, Feb 2017

    Egazete Lights of the World, Full moon; 11 february 2017


    As most of our politicians seem to compete in playing tragically true farces which only increase tensions between folks, there are some who, however, move forward on the way to Peace and Wisdom...

    I want to talk today about the award of “Padma Bushan” which has been granted this year by the President of India to Yoga masters whom you already know through the egazete :

    Higher dimension of Yoga being recognised in India, Feb 2017Higher dimension of Yoga being recognised in India, Feb 2017






    Swami Niranjan                                        Sadh Guru



    And this shows the higher dimension of Yoga which we, in the west generally do not know:  

                                              the social dimension;

    It is true that yoga may at first appear like a self-centered practice, and for the beginning it is so: we need to have our attention turned inwards, body mind and spirit, for quite some time, until balance is recovered  and the “alignment” takes place; that very alignement which was in place when we were born !

    And from that “alignment” where body/ mind/ spirit become united and attuned, then the Body (Hands) can work physically attuned with the Mind (Head) and the Spirit (Heart)...

    Or to say it differently, the Hands (body) and Head (mind) become the instruments of the Heart (spirit)            to realise whatever needs to be realised for the benefit of mankind and cosmos;

     Just as Swami Niranjan uses to say ... "When Hands Head Heart work together, That is Yoga"

    This is very important to have this in mind, because This is the real aim of Yoga;

    The aim of yoga is neither becoming healthy or loosing weight (which are merely outcomes), nor realizing Samadhi and living in a cave! No!

    The aim of yoga is to realize Union of Hands Head and Heart so as to become an Instrument of the Heart (soul) and bring benefits to all through our individual qualities;

    And in that, Paramahamsa Niranjan and Sadh Guru are nothing but Excellent;

    And knowing that Indian President granted them with Padma Bushan award which is amongst the highest distinction of India, shows (again) that Indian politicians do aknowledge and integrate the wisdom and teachings of Yoga into the political life of their country;

                           ............... May we, in the west follow one day this brillant example....


    Here are some realizations made by these great Yogis:

    Swami Niranjan ;Higher dimension of Yoga being recognised in India, Feb 2017

    Born in 1960 as a yogi* he joined the ashram of his guru Swami Satyananda at the age of 4...

    and stayed there until.... now!

    On this picture he is the baby in father's arms, mother on the side and

    Paramahamsa Satyananda sitting;

    He started to give lectures abroad (UK, US...) at the age of... 11 !



    His struggle has been mainly, along by spreading the teachings of Yoga extensively, to show to the west that Yoga is nothing like religious belief or sect ... but that Yoga is a real Science which can bring not only inner peace at the individual level, but also Peace in the world at a global level;

    He founded the BYB Bihar Yoga Bharati in Munger, first Yoga University in the world, recognised by the Indian Government and granting students with Yoga diplomas...

    here some extracts from BYB website www.yogavision.net

    From 1983 to 2008 during his active presidency of Bihar School of Yoga, Swami Niranjan ensured the continuity of both the ancient yogic culture and also the sacred tradition of sannyasa. Under his inspired vision and guiding hand the ashram, mission and movement have engendered a new era of yogic and spiritual vision.

    Applications of Yoga in Society

    Under his guidance Bihar School of Yoga made significant advances in the creative application of yoga to address the needs of various groups in society :

    • 108 remote villages of Bihar – In 1995, sannyasins took yoga to these villages with spectacular results
    • Addiction research and investigations – Yoga can significantly improve the ability of people to make positive, qualitative changes in lifestyle
    • Medical Colleges in Bihar – Yoga therapy introduced as part of curriculum for all institutions in this sector
    • Management of cancer – Research undertaken which now shows that proper yogic practices can extend life-span beyond conventional expectations, and that in its early stages cancer is frequently an eminently curable condition
    • Twenty-four prisons in Bihar – Bihar School of Yoga teachers have taught yoga to thousands of Bhari convicts since 1994, five hundred of whom have also been trained as yoga teachers
    • Large corporations and government bodies in Bihar – Stress management and self-development courses conducted for employees in this sector since 1994
    • Sports Authority of India – Training programs provided for athletes, coaches and physical training teachers to improve physical and mental proficiency
    • Indian army & police forces – Specialized training programs conducted in Bihar and other states for instructors to improve physical, mental and emotional fitness
    • Guest Speaker at international conferences – Organized by UNESCO in France, in 1994 and 2000 Swami Niranjan’s expositions on the role and benefits of yoga for children and possibilities for the integration of yoga into classical education were highly acclaimed and generated a new approach to education in Europe.

    Contribution to Yoga Practices

    Taking up where his guru Sri Swami Satyananda left off, Swami Niranjan has made an immense contribution to the practices of yoga. A rare combination of inherent practical wisdom, insight and incisive genius, the depth of Swami Niranjan’s contribution to the understanding of yoga, in particular dharana and jnana, is unfathomable.

    ..........It is even said somewhere that the Padma Bushan award is to little for such an extra-ordinary man.....

     ** his parents were disciples of Swami Satyananda but they could not have a child; they went and ask help from their master; and Paramahamsa Satyananda told them : "All right, you will have a child, but be ready to let him go by the age of 4"; they had a child, and as they often visited the ashram with him, one day, little Niranjan asked to stay at the ashram; he was 4;


    Sadh Guru ‘s realisation through Isha foundation in very short and briefHigher dimension of Yoga being recognised in India, Feb 2017

    To learn more and maybe get inspired by this tremendously uplifting life...

    visit the Isha website here


    Spreading yoga as a Science of well being all over the world through lectures, seminars etc.  Sadh Guru has been speaking extensively to politicians or radio/tv broadcasts in the west. You remember his recent lecture in United Nations on the 20th June 2016, a day before the International Yoga day;


    His well known quote on which his teaching is based is:

    “As there is a technology to create external wellbeing,  there is a whole dimension of science and technology to create inner wellbeing and that is Yoga”

    And because it not merely by reading, studying that such everlasting inner wellbeing can be achieved, Sadh Guru also says that:

    "This spiritual process is not based on a scripture, philosophy, or dead tradition – it is a living thing."

    That is how he could, with the participation of thousands of volunteers and followers, set up many social programs like:

    Education programs...

    Health programs and care for elderly ones...

    Environmental programs...

    "Isha's Social Outreach initiatives are a comprehensive set of programs that inspires people to care for themselves and their communities through large-scale, sustainable and culturally appropriate health, education, environment and livelihood projects. Resources are also rapidly mobilized in response to disasters, such as events related to climate change."

    “A world full of love, light and laughter; its time has come. Let us make it happen.”



    To finish let me share this video where Sadh Guru explains us How to live happily... my wish also for all of you !


    Om shanti

    Isabelle Yogapushpa