• Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017

    Lights of the world, January 2017 –

    Lights & Smiles....

    Whilst thunders, quakes, terrorism, violence etc. continue to show in all parts of the globe, I wonder......

    What can I say to my readers ? Where the hell will I find « Lights of the world » to share with them?...

    The answer comes right away...

    « In Themselves »


    Gosh ! Of course ! That is precisely our truly work as human beings to focus on Light in ourselves, to generate Light around ourselves so that the World becomes more luminous  :)

    Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017

    No doubt though that in ourselves so called « negativities » desires for revenge, jalousy, greed, possessiveness - just to name a few - are also found... And we already know that by focusing on these “negative” qualities (or that of the world) we actually nourrish those of the world (or our own ones) by the “mirror effect”; hence if we focus on negativities from any side, we only make the world and ourselves become worse.... We definitely do not need that !


    Rather... by focusing on Beauty, Health, any « positivity » which we find in ourselves WHATEVER happens outside or inside ... we can really make the difference and that is our very work as human beings :  because by doing so we generate positive and strong energy field (aura) which will heal the ones around, attract other positive energies and like this create a “virtuous circle”  which can bring infinite benefits to all...

    Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017                     Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017


    However that does not mean bury our head in the sand! No! On the contrary I would say! Actually we remain perfectly aware of the actual condition of the world, and with true awareness we do focus on the Good, Beautiful, Healthy etc. so as to NOURRISH that side of us, that side of the world... And we all know the world and all of us Need that utmost !!!!


    Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017 Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017



    So How to do this concretely ?

    Actually it is both very Easy, and little Difficult :

    --> Easy: because Light is Everywhere !  Just by looking at the flowers in town, gaze of children laughing, smile of the merchand to whom we did smile, spark of joy in the mendicant’s eyes because we just gave him alms, or even our boss’s eyes seeing our own Smile... because Yes, Today I DO SMILE .... we find Light...

    --> Difficult because... unfortunately we are more inclined to do the contrary... and follow the crazy « mind-ego » couple which always sees negativities everywhere, wants everything for himself and nothing for others, does not care about flowers or smiles... and certainly not about giving alms... As for the boss... “he can say what he wants, I won’t smile neither today nor tomorrow... Never!”

    Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017


    WELL ! actually YOU WILL !

    Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017


    Because YOU decided it, just NOW ! And you may repeat to yourself this decision in the early morning just as you wake up, before being totally awaken, when you just come out of sleep... You can whisper to yourself that YES YOU want to smile! You want to see Light... for example like that :

    « Today I see SMILES everywhere in everyone » 


    « Today I see LIGHTS everywhere in everyone »


    « Today I SMILE to Everyone WHATEVER happens »...

    It seems quite innocent at first, yet it is hugely powerful ; it is called « Sankalpa » in yoga (positive thinking/ positive statement in the western psychology) and it can completely change your days, even your life ! ...

    By whispering our decision (sankalpa) when we are like this between wake and sleep, the resolution dives in the depth of the subconscious mind (because in these moments the « door » is open, so to say)... And from that depth, the sankalpa will guide and gather your mental energy to act and think according to IT during your day.

    It is like a tiny new program that we can  print by ourselves into our own mind;

    Why not give it a try ? It does work! And like this, step by step, for those who want more, we can reshape our personality by sorting out from our “initial program” what we want to transform, what we want to keep; and without rejecting anything we may turn inappropriate qualities into appropriate ones, cultivate positivities and like this generate Creativity which ultimately allows the blossoming of our True Being...

    This is Yoga Alchemy... And you know by reading my egazetes (and maybe the book Adventures of a yogini pilot..) how important this is aspect to me!

    You may also wish to write inspiring quotes and hang them on the walls of your house where you can imbibe them often... That is another technique... Below are some quotes and you will find much more I am sure! We just need to WANT it!

    So my wish to you is that you see everywhere and in everyone Smiles and Light Always!

    Om shanti !



    Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017



    Dont wait to be happy to smile ... 

    Smile, And, Be Happy!Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017



    By always gazing at the Sun, the shadow remains behind;


    Smile to Life, and Life smiles at you!Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017


    Smiling is contagious! I Share !


    The one who smiles instead of getting angry is always victorious!

    Lights and Smiles, Janv 2017