• Emergence of a new world 1rst part - April 2017

    Egazete lights of the world – Full Moon May 2017 -

    Emergence of a new world – 1rst part -- Frederic Laloux, Reinventing organizations



    Indeed, a new world is coming up... Sages of all civilizations have foreseen it, people talk and write about it in many yoga – ecology – astrology and many other alternative magazines...

    Our solar system continues its course around the huge sun Alcyone and while getting closer to it, our planet’s frequency rises, Akash, the ether element increases in density and as a consequence our consciousnesses get larger, broader, higher... (remember the egazete Yoga Dharma Yugas and our planet here under the link)

    What appeared to us inconcievable only 10 years ago has merely settled into our day to day lives ! Think of ecology ten years ago ! Not to say yoga! And what about the alternative medecines...

    And well, that’s only the beginning...

    For along with the widening of consciousness, we harness more and more new ideas, concepts, possibilities which were simply invisible to us a few years before...

    As a matter of fact some pioneers captured concepts concerning the evolution of our society’s long way in advance and share with us new ideas they could grasp which could really make the world a better place to live together...


    Emergence of a new world 1rst part - April 2017

    And I want to talk about the study made by Frédéric Laloux narrated in his book :

    « Reinventing organizations »

    The book is already best seller and creates kind of revolution in the business areas.. R-évolution!

    Why? Because it gives an answer to the changes we feel, wish, and move towards... Indeed, our true nature is not to wear a costume of pilot, cook, business man or whatsoever... Repression and authority are not creative means to let the world evolve. We have examples everywhere and everyday.

    Now it’s time to move forward, fly higher on the wings of these new emerging ideas because we are ready!

    Like this, Frédéric Laloux in his book gives a summary of the human organization’s evolution during the last centuries (with lots of funny stories like the one of the teeth and the brains!)... Then in a second part, (which fascinates me at most) he gives the result of the study he made, concerning 12 companies existing in different parts of the world, which do not know each other, yet have very surprising common points: 





    Emergence of a new world 1rst part - April 2017

    Moreover these companies have tremendous success both at financial level and at human level!

    Is it a dream? Well! It is true!

    So first it is really amazing to point out that these 12 companies, while experimenting new ways of management have reached organization means which are completely similar to each other eventhough they did not know each other! As if those new patterns were like “in the air” ready to be captured by some intuitive and courageous pionneer !


    Let’s go into some details : (There are links at the end of the text for those who want to investigate more!)


    Self Management, Shared Governance, How can this work?

    There is no pyramidal hierarchy anymore, no big boss who holds all the responsibilities, no medium boss or little boss either...
    Dream? Well! It is true! And it works!

    The partners of such companies are all at the same level of power and may take decisions in an autonomous manner according to a defined and approved process.

    An example: In the company, a worker works on a machine but finds this machine like obsolete, not modern enough to perform its task. He wants the company to buy another one. Ok, so he follows the process of the company: he makes a study, searches for the new machine, investigate the financial aspect, ask for advise (not decision) his collegues around and finally takes the decision according to the results of his study and with full awareness decides to buy the machine, or not.

    Incredible!? Yet true ! And it works wonders!

    Actually Frédéric found out that having bosses creates more problems and when the organization becomes very complexe the hierarchy cannot work anymore. There is like congestion at the top of the pyramide which reaches its limits...

    Whereas a horizontal organization where everyone can act consciously, with awareness and responsability is far much powerful in the process of managing very complexe systems.

    If we look at nature, at a forest for example: is there a “boss tree” saying to other trees what they have to do? ... No boss, yet every tree, every plant know what they have to do at each and every second of their lives...

    So now, no boss, no hierarchy, and each of the group member can take decisions and make the changes he feels the company needs, for the good of all.

    Hallucination ? Utopia? Well ! It is true!

    One immediat consequence : no opportunity is left to complain! If we are not happy with something, we have all the tools to change it!
    Of course some people are not ready for that and in those companies it happened that some employees just left, prefering to work for a boss... Why not...

    In the new companies, each partner has all possibilities to evolve, create, and work in a harmonious manner which benefit to all !

    Crazy? Dream ? Yes ! And Real !

    Let’s see the second point:

    Everyone is important; no one is right, no one is wrong;

    Those people have understood that in the traditional companies, when we reach the work place, we are like hidden under a mask, uniform, costume, be it real or virtual. We hide at least 75% of our personnality so as to “show according to what people expect from us”...

    Indeed, our deep personality, our emotions, our sensitivity, our creativity are totally left away, put into a locked chamber... because it is not normal to show emotions at work...

    Here, in our new innovative companies, it is the contrary: everyone is encouraged to just Be what he:she is, with his:her emotions, sensitivity, creativity etc;

    And to make that possible, a “secure space” is created inside the company, with some rules and techniques taught and accepted by all like “non violent communication”, circles communication etc. Like this everyone knows he:she can speak openly, nobody will laugh at him:her, no risk of being humiliated or whatsoever...

    And people Love it! They say they even feel better in their company than in their families!

    Here an example in a college in Germany:

    The whole college with 700 persons (students, teachers, managers, employees, parents...) is ruled according to Self Management / Shared Governance... And to establish this safe circle so that everyone feels free to show what they really are, they have a specific practice held every friday afternoon:

    The whole group (700 people) meets in a huge hall around a stage on which is simply a mic;

    At first, when every body is here, the whole group chants so as to unit the consciousnesses and hearts together. It raises the energy and everyone feels at once settled, secure, at home.

    Then, those who wish, one after another, go to the stage, and speak to Thank some of their friend/ teacher/ collegue/ person of the college for some experience they have gone through during the week.

    Example; a teenager had gone through a severe dispute with his girlfriend. Drama. He goes to a friend, asks for advise, and the friend helps to bring the young couple together.

    On the next friday, the young teenager goes to the stage and says thank you to his friend for having helped with his love story.

    He opens his heart in front of 700 persons including his teachers, “managers” etc... And everyone listen and show respect.

    And like this adults as well as youngs go the stage and say thanks to someone for something...

    Incredibly powerful for it opens the relationships between people who then feel closer to eachother; most of all it establishes Trust and Confidence between each and everyone..

    No need to say that there is no violence in this college. All the energy that teenagers generally use to fight against authority is here channelised into positive and creative expression for the benefit of all!

    Dream ? Fantasy? It is True and Possible !

    Now we reach the third point, which is the base of everything:

    Living organization and Reason for Being

    Frédéric explains this fantastically in his videos and interviews yet i wish to switch to Laurent Van Ditz (from the “University of the We” – I will talk about it next month... )


    "Let’s imagine that, when some persons decide to realize a project, to create an organization, they actually respond to a feeling which is stronger than their will; as if they would perceive the call of a need for our societies, which has to manifest into matter through the organization;

    Actually the organization is not created by those people, for their individual needs, but it kind of “self-creates it-self”... It is a living and autonomous entity which responds to an existing need in the area where it will manifest.

    So based on that, the creation, management and development of such an organization take a different dimension and we can see the emergence of the “Reason for Being” of the organization.

    This “reason for being” is not something to be chosen or decided, but to be felt, discovered. Founders have to listen to the subtle messages and find out what the organization wants to do !

    And along the organization’s life, this “reason for being” will be like a safe guard helping the group to keep the right direction without wandering too much in the “I” desires.

    However the reason for being will be also evolving and moving according to its own wisdom and the organization’s life.

    Like this, the living organization’s members are like guardians who blow the energy into the system so that it realizes what it has to realize.”

    Emergence of a new world 1rst part - April 2017

    Another example from Frederic’s book:

    The nurse group in Holland (sorry I cannot narrate the whole story, but it is sooooo amazing that it is worth reading more in the articles or watching the videos!)

    Nurses working at home and caring for sick elderly people noticed that something is missing in their organization: they look after old persons however the non sick spouses or husband of those sick persons often  fall sick because they get overwhelmed by the situation, they just cannot bear. One nurse has an idea: having a cottage in some area, she wants to transform it into a guest house : like this the husbands or wives of the sick ones could have some rest and holidays to recover energy.

    “So what shall we do?” They suggest the idea to the founder of the group, because it is not in their “reason of being” to care for “non sick” people! Normally they should look only after sick ones.

    The discussion is short and decision is commonly taken :

    “Let’s give it a try and see if our organization wants to go that way!”

    The guest house has been realized and opened to the partners of elderly sick and has become a real success at all points, specially human, but also financial. That’s how the “reason for being” of an organization has to evolve, according to present needs and always aiming for the benefit of all.




    Well, I could continue for hours... So many wonderful stories to read, learn, listen in the videos of Frederic Laloux and other pioneers.. I hope you can watch some !

    It is a balm of hope and tenderness to imbibe in our consciousnesses...


     The new world is emerging.Emergence of a new world 1rst part - April 2017

    Nobody can stop the cosmos’ evolution...

    Nobody can stop the consciousness’ evolution...

    Let’s remove the masks and dare to be what we really are...

    The future is knocking at the door...

    Harness firmly the belts! Take off is imminent !


    Next month we shall talk about another pioneer with a very weird university !....

    Happy full moon to all !




    Links :

    Here, a video of Frederic Laloux presenting his book, explaining the concepts with lots of examples, stories, and fun !

    Its a bit long : 1hour 40min yes, but worth watching if you feel affected by the subject!


    Here is the book’s website


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