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    Wealth & Spirituality - Letter of the Financial independance, 1


    You may know or not, I have started a course to become rich !!!!! AH ?? Yes ! You read correctly !! ... A course to get out of the situation in which I have been trapped since the fire of the Yunus Emre farm put me down... Now things are moving forward and since this new venture is really fascinating I decided to share it with you in the form of Letter of Financial Independance... And for the French speaking/ reading ones, a specific website is dedicated to this venture : LIBERTE FINANCIERE.. where much more will be written in the course of time :)


    Firstly to put things straight, I wish to tell you that this letter (and the following if we continue) aim not at teaching you how to become rich !!! Sure not!! Neither do I have skill for this, nor the intention! My wish is to share my impressions and experiences along this new venture, which might appear to many a bit weird… Why a sannyasin yogini wants now to become rich? Or financially independant? Isn’t it contradictory with the spiritual teachings? With being a sannyasin?...

    Precisely… The main “brake” which made me resist to dive into this course is this: can money and spirituality live together in harmony? Big subject… causing often headaches or conflicts !!!

    Wealth & Spirituality

    Yet as many of you know, I have been through such strong experiences that now I fell like compelled by life to commit myself into this course, to become “financially independant”…

    And fortunately, before I registered to the course, I could easily understood that Nathalie (my teacher in this venture) is a generous and spiritual oriented person, working on beautiful projects (like home care for elderly people); so yes, she earns a lot of money with her companies but she uses this Money both for herself and  to finance projects which benefit to many; Besides, Donations have a big role in her teaching too.

    Anyhow, I also decided that only I could decide. Noone else could tell me if I am right or wrong engaging this course. Whatever I will learn, I will have my own opinion and position which do not depend on other people.

    So you see, I don’t know where I go… But I go ! And if you want to go with me… Let me KNOW by mail "yes egazete/ yes Letter of financial independance" !!




    In most of the books which deal with financial independence, we see those expressions “the poors” and “the richs”… which might be a bit shocking at first… But the only aim of using such expressions is of course to simplify reading and explanations… We know that nothing is black or white, rich or poor. But to simplify, “poor” will mean having difficulties with money, and rich, being at ease with money. Obvious. And I will use the same vocabulary even without brackets…

    Likewise when i say that i am on a path to  create wealth, that I want to become rich (and without shame!) it does not mean that my ultimate goal is to drive a Jaguar or spend weeks on a private Yacht making a cruize… Sure not! Moreover, I already tasted such pleasures; that’s over. Precisely because those materialistic pleasure did not satisfy me, did I feel bad and uncomplete during many years of my life. (specially pilot life)

    Now things have drastically changed because thanks to my spiritual path of yoga, I could fulfill the gap that was inside me, I have found the way to my inner self and I know that either “rich” or “poor”, I will feel equanimity and “santosh” contentment of the one who knows that life experiences are nothing but steps to climb;

    Moreover life already tested me strongly bringing me back to the “absolute zero” … Funny story indeed in a way!  We can laugh !! And that very funny story lead me now to this new road, that of Financial Independance…

    So may Wealth and Spirituality be reconciled ? …. Hé hé … That’s the big mystery! !

    Wealth & Spirituality

    Wealth & Spirituality

    Whereas it seems to be acknowledged by all to pay the bill in a restaurant, to pay the ticket in the theater, to even pay the psychologist or the dentist, it is another story when we have to pay for a yoga seminar, meditation retreat, or chanting workshop… As if the organizers of such programs would only live on love alone :) Interesting!

    Let’s investigate a bit further…

    I read in the Olivier Seban’s book “Everyone deserves to be rich” that the first step to access wealth is made of three stages:

                          Accumulation   à Investment à Protection

    In yoga, I learned exactly the contrary : « do not accumulate », « do not store », « trust the Univers, supreme protection»…

    This book tells me to do exactly the contrary that yoga taught me… Yet I will do it and stay yogini…

    Why ? How ?  Because I ultimately understood that it is my DUTY  … because…


    The biggest favour we can do to poor people,

    Is not to be poor ourselves ! !  


    Wealth & Spirituality


    So talked a remarkable woman during an interview on one American TV. Black and migrant, she found herself years ago totally broke, sleeping in the street with her baby, because she wanted to be united to her community. In her despair, she promised herself to get out of this nightmare and become rich. Now she is company manager and thanks to her wealth she can concretely help her community.

    Sorry madam, I could not remember your name but your story moved me a lot!


    Wealth & Spirituality



    So, I too, understood that, just like being Healthy is our duty, being Rich is also our duty ;

    Only if we are Healthy can we help the sick ; only if we are Healthy can we Act in the world.

    Only if we are Rich, can we help the poor; only if we are Rich can we Act in the world.

    And for those of us who believe that « money is bad » « money renders people bad » or such things… rendezvous in the next letters where I will deal with this subject : our beliefs…


    So I will learn how to create wealth, for me at first – and I am not ashamed of saying this as I ultimately understood that I too need money to live, to do what I have to do, and even to have pleasure in life.

    And then for the world, in the form of my contribution, which is not to help the poor like Mother Teresa or Abbé Pierre as I had to admit, but to transmit what I believe in, Yoga, Spirituality, and whatever can help to live better in a better world ;


    While the Yunus Emre farm is the earthly expression of this, my books and publications are the written one ;  And to make this Manifest into the world, it takes Money !  

    For definitely, time has passed when yogis, shamans, druids or medicine men were living upon donations that their patients or disciples would give them. Those Wise ones were generally supported by the community they were living in, or nearby, sometimes in a cave, sometimes under a giant tree…

    Nowadays times have radically changed. One has to accept it and accommodate. Not only the communities most of the time just don’t care about druids, medicine men, yogis who have been marginalized – when not completely banished – by the modern societies ( yet, who knows… they may come back one day though???)  but for those Wise ones who still practice and dedicate their lives to the community by spreading their wisdom to the world, money is definitely also needed to allow their living, travelling, performing good actions and basically paying their bills!


    So it looks very much down to earth, away from what we imagine to be spirituality, but that’s the reality.

    Money is Also needed by those who dedicate to Spiritual Life.


    Wealth & Spirituality




    It was not obvious at all for me who always had my head in the clouds… feeling above these basic material realities… Until the day I ultimately understood that if I would not take responsibility for my living, no one would take it for me.

    No one?

    Let me correct ! For since this “sacred fire” which reduced to nothing my finances and any possible earning, the Providencial universe provided me with magnificent “incomes” in the form of donation of all kinds, from all parts, during five years which have been full of great teaching and wealth of a very special nature;

    However very recently, in september 2017, I “heard” this Providence whisper to my ear that I was ultimately ready to take over the responsibility of my financial situation…

    -- That’s your turn now !

    -- Hummm well…. Ok but… How ? …

    And here Nathalie Cariou arrives, just like Zorro riding her black horse, she opens the doors of abundance by showing me the way to Financial independance… Lovely synchronicity !

    When we are ready, the master shows…   Everything happens at the right time…

    The venture of financial independence starts and I will narrate it both at the material and spiritual level ; in fact both are mirrors of one another. True spirituality is the one which is experienced Here on the Earth, rooted into matter. 

    Hari Om Tat Sat


    Wealth & Spirituality

    « Live as if you would die tomorrow,

     learn as if you would live forever”

    Mahatma Gandhi