• New Moon, News of the farm, sept 2016

    Nouvelle Lune nouvelles de la ferme, sept 2016                                            


                             We were guessing so, now it is confirmed : there will be no IPARD II program in TKDK, which means, in clear that Our Application for fundings  is, again, Postponed... of course the reason is this "coup d'état" and the political situation in Turkey... 

                           No reason to be alarmed or sad though , it is probably better so given the actual climat here .. and Anyhow, it is Surely Better so, because, it IS ! (wink to "santosh" the contentement in yoga..) 

                            Especially as we heared a rumor saying that IPARD program might be postponed to beginning of 2017.... lets hope and cross the fingers !!






    The Crowd Funding Campaign of course continues, it will help the farm and me to hold on financially during the reconstruction period... And to answer all your questions, I prepared a very short video ... Funny maybe, for sure not perfect !!! ... I am learning !!... Yet in this video you will learn exactely....

    "WHY I have NO other choice than APPEALING to YOU as long as the farm is not rebuilt..."  ...

    You will clearly understand the very weird situation in which i find myself, without having searched for it at all !!!

    And if you want to Donate, it is HERE !  





    We shall resume Yoga classes in Antalya in the beginning of september.Nouvelle Lune nouvelles de la ferme, sept 2016
    During summer I have been able to work on my house, water intensively the trees, and focus  on both our applications...

    BOTH applications ? What ?
    Humm yes there is another application ..
    But lets keep it silent for the moment ok ?
    I hope we shall talk about it later !




    Durga, the big yoga shala should receive its wooden floor and walls soon,

    probably end of september ... pictures to come :)



    Finally, the book  (in french)  " Aventures d'une pilote yogini autour de la terre, ou une quête éperdue de vérité" 

    (Adventures of a yogini pilot around the earth, or , a thirsty quest for truth" )

    is in its last stage of correction.... Hopefully it might be published by the end of this year ?

    For the many of you who understand and read french, here is the blog of Mirabelle Fleur de yoga with her publications ..

    and a lot of the book's extracts .... to make your mouth water !!! :)

    http://mirabellefleurdeyoga.eklablog.com/          to share without moderation !  

    and I am still searching for translator (french to english) if you know one , let me know !! ...



    So that's it for today ! Next egazete for the Full Moon and Lights of the World... continuing ...  By then enjoy the new school term... with awareness !

    Om shanti

    Isabelle Yogapushpa