• Yoga transformation évolution, sept 2016


    Here is a shock video ;  from a young man i am following (on internet only !) very clever and aware...

    A yogi in his way..

    Transformation, evolution, in another style...

    Yet he speaks french, but easy to understand...

    Better to fasten your belts... it ROCKS !!

    Ready? GO !!!


    Ah... you are back  ?

    Back to yoga now... softer...



    So what do we mean by "yoga as a tool for transformation" ?

    Why do i need to transform myself? Am I not ok as I am ?

    Well, sure, if you feel totally ok in your life, if you manage your emotions, thoughts, health exactly the way you want... no need to read further ! Unless you are curious!

    However, if you wish to manage the daily stress in a better way, feel fitter, healthier in your body, have deep sound sleep, forget about anxieties, worries, angers... If you have enough of repeating the same scenarios .... If you wish to understand your life, why you are here, how you function... then yoga might help you ... Let's see...


                                                                           Yoga transformation évolution, sept 2016                  Yoga transformation évolution, sept 2016                     Yoga transformation évolution, sept 2016


    When we say yoga is a transformation means, we should first keep in mind that we wont become "another" person by doing yoga ! Fortunately not !

    Yet we might open a door for personal evolution, that's it ! 

    Actually we should also remember that, yoga or not, we are constantly evolving at all levels, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual...

    Do we have the same body as when we were babies ? kids ? teenagers ? of course not !!! Do we have the same thoughts ? ... well... yes ? no ? ... Do we have the same emotions ?? maybe yes? maybe not ???

    For sure, we change ... and our body knows too ! Sometimes it becomes difficult to get up in the morning !?


    We may wish it or not, we are in constant evolution and nobody can change that;


    But then why do we need yoga if we already evolve without yoga ?


    Yoga speeds up the process, makes us Aware of our own evolution, and thus we become responsible and involved in our own destiny.


    Nevertheless we must keep in mind that yoga is only a trigger which liberates blocked energies, opens doors which in turn allow our full potential to unfold. Yoga does not bring anything from outside; rather, it allows our inner potential to freely blossom...

    How is this alchemia possible ? Well that could be the topic of one next egazete... By then, as a summary we may say so : yoga works on all plans, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; the physical movements and breathing (asanas, pranayamas) unlock blocages, liberate energy, the body becomes more flexible and full of vitality; thanks to meditation and relaxation, daily stresses are evacuated from the mind and memories; all plans being interconnected, what we do at physical level reflects on the mental level and vice-versa; like  this every plane of existence becomes clearer, softer, more subtle and .. our spiritual consciousness emerges, awakens...

    Better than talk, here are testimonials from students of Antalya who accepted to share their experiences:




    Awareness in all aspects of my life.

    More self-esteem.  

    Yoga brings me back to the basic and the essential things in life.  

    Yoga helps finding the balance in our hectic life full with technology.

    Yoga = acceptation (of yourself, others and the situation)




    Yoga changed my view to my own life. Teach me to see positive in every happening event. I've learned to trust life and be sure that everything always happens simply for my best. Also thanks to yoga I've learned how discipline is important for healthy, happy life. As a consequence all my life changed to betterment after I started yoga practices.




    Since I am born and during my youth, I was mainly turned outwards and forgot about my inner voice; how could that be possible?

    It seems that I have been strongly conditionned by society, education, television... From time to time I would hear my inner voice, but then i would say "ok, later... " Then came depression, and drugs to get better... and it went worse.. of course...

    How is that possible ?

    Because i only lived in the outer world without listening to the inner world;

    When i started yoga, 2 years ago, i could neither stay immobile, nor silent; my body was full of tensions, my brain would not stop thinking... past, futur, emotions, memories... non stop movie!...and

    There was no NOW.

    Yoga taught me to see : see that i was constantly living in my head, yet without controlling anything; rather, the mind, the external events and situations would control my behaviours... 

    I tried to escape ! 

    But it did not work ! So I continued to watch this mecanism and suddently i realised that :

     “Nothing in this world can disturb me more than my own thoughts.”

    So i learned to let go and accept things as they come, without forcing...

    I learned that there is no error in life, only teachings which repeat themselves until they are understood;

    Tons of guilt will never change past; tons of anxiety will never change futur; so i think i can just be happy NOW;

    Thanks to  yoga❤, thanks to my teacher ❤




    Yoga brings me a lot, both physically and mentally;

    I learned to put all situations into perspective and be wise; I learned to stop judging and to forgive; I learned to face the lessons of life, keeping close to the positive energies and getting away from negative ones;

    I learned to use my body being aware of my movements, breathing correctly (trying...)... Well i still have a lot to learn ! :)

    But in short I really feel much better since I practice yoga;



    Lastly, some words about my own experience, briefly ( I could write a book !!! by the bye ... it IS written !! ha ha !)

    Physical level : I was completely blocked in my joints.... Tremendous head aches and eye pains would keep me lying down four days long feeling i was dying... so painful it was .... I could not do any sport anymore .... only walk gently .. And doctors would say "you have nothing.."

    Yoga and ayurveda healed me :)

    Emotional and mental levels: I had totally uncontrolled raging emotions which were harming both me and others... Yoga taught me to accept them and to manage them...

    At spiritual level: I was separated from my soul (so to say) due to personal war against religions ! Even when i started yoga, i was afraid that it could be another kind of religion??? but it was definitely not ... yoga is really a science, a spiritual science if we can say so, which establishes again the link to our inner core, inner being ... "yoga = yug' = union in sanscrit"

    Yoga brought me a deep and unchanging inner peace... Shanti...



    Acceptation, evolution, transformation...  yoga brings us

    " courage to accept what we cannot change,

    strength to change what we can change and

    wisdom to discern between both".


    And we can completely say that yoga is the  User's manual of our own body and life ... and along with the user's manual is the Toolbox !!

    Its really Great ! !  And if however you are not happy, it is 100 % lifelong garantee! You may always bring it back to the merchant !!


    Yoga transformation évolution, sept 2016


    Om Tat Sat

    Happy Full Moon to ALL !

    Om shanti

    Isabelle Yogapushpa