• When science merges with yoga

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    When Science merges with Yoga  march 2017

    First a translated extract taken from the book « Adventures of a yogini pilot around earth... » about one major tantric ritual, the Yajna* :

    * Tantra =  That which allows expansion of Consciousness
    *Yajna = Tantric ritual aiming at realigning our different sheaths (or levels of existence) with the cosmic vibrations
    *Différent sheaths = physical / energy/ mental / psychic / spiritual levels (or physical/ astral / causal)

    "Hence, although Yajna may somehow appear as a magic ritual, it should be considered under the scientific aspect, because yoga is a science; To often we consider that what we cannot explain, what is beyond our understanding is magic, miracle or even witchcraft; we forget to consider that we may simply lack the means to perceive or the knowledge to understand.
    According to the science of yoga, all effects of a Yajna can be explained thanks to the deep understanding the yogis have of life and creation; seen from the yogic angle, everything becomes clear and understandable”
     (Aventures d'une pilote yogini autour de la terre, page 273 - Sat Chandi Maha Yajna, la science du yoga tantrique)

    This extract aims at illustrating the documentary i wish to share with you in the link below (for french speakers)... and the commentaries I will add about it in english;
    The theme of the documentary is “Alternative healing- Revolution of the spirit" , how can we comprehend, understand, accept, practice? And what is the position of science in that matter ?
    When science merges with yoga
    You will see many healers and doctors talking about their experiences of alternative healing, explaining how it works and the obstacles they often met to be understood or at least accepted;
    Actually the main reason why we hardly accept alternative healing is because we do not know what we are made of and how we function : we believe we are only this physical body, and that by treating our liver with some pills, we shall heal the liver;
    But it’s not like that;
    In a very simple summary we have a physical body for sure and our whole being is composed of other levels or sheaths (Kosha in sanscrit);
    First sheath: physical body with organs, senses, and dense matter;
    Second sheath: energy body; not manifested in dense matter, yet exists at a subtler level of vibration; this is the body of Prana or Chi, where energy circulates from the cosmos to our cells via the energy centers (chacras) and channels (nadis/ meridians)
    Third sheath: mental body; vibrations are more subtle than prana, body of thoughs, emotions, memories
    Fourth sheath: psychic body: even more subtle, consciousness, discrimination, intuition, true knowledge;
    Fifth sheath: spirit; the soul;
    All these sheaths are of course not separated, they pervade all our physical cells and being at different levels of vibrations;
    When science merges with yoga
    What is the link with Healing then?

    It is said in yoga and in all eastern medecines that the physical disease that manifests in the physical body is actually a message, an alert coming from the higher spirit, telling us that there is something wrong somewhere in our life;

    It has been travelling through all the sheaths, yet, having generally no perception of other sheaths than the physical one, most of the time, we do not perceive the message until it reaches the physical level;
    However, people like mediums, energy healers, chamans, yogis, and alternative healers DO perceive these levels and work with them;
    That is how they perform what we tend to call miracles, or sorcery! Yet they heal the whole being truly because they know that our being is a whole comprising many different levels...
    So I hope many of you will be willing / and able to watch this french documentary...
    And for those who can't... maybe you can share with other friends !

    Lets meet again in two weeks for the next egazete with the new moon and some news from the farm :)
    Ah and again for french speakers: below the link to the documentary  is a new video by Isabelle-Mirabelle, presenting the book “Adventures of a yogini pilot around earth, or, a thirsty quest for truth” :)
    D’où vient la maladie ? Quelle est l’influence de nos pensées sur notre corps ? Que peut-on espérer des guérisseurs et énergéticiens pour vaincre la maladie ?
    Quel est le regard de la communauté scientifique sur ces types de guérisons ?
    Face à ces nombreuses interrogations, le réalisateur Anthony Chene est allé à la rencontre de médecins, de guérisseurs et d’énergéticiens reconnus, afin de recueillir leurs témoignages.
    Encore de l'excellent travail de la part de Tistrya production.

    Here Mirabelle presents the book "Adventures of a yogini pilot around earth or a thristy quest of truth"