• New Moon, News from the Farm, oct 2016


    Do you remember that the Yunus Emre farm is based on Yoga and Permaculture ?

    New Moon, News from the Farm, oct 2016Well this month, i wish to dedicate this egazete to Bill Mollison, one of the founder of this tremendously huge movement that keeps spreading and bringing good changes to the world : i mean PERMACULTURE... Bill Mollison passed away on the 24th september at the age of 88, in peace... and his last wish was :

    « May every one Plant a Tree when I pass away! »

    What a lovely wish indeed ! It also shows the kind of Nature oriented person Bill Mollison was ; he had only one aim in life : that this planet becomes again a real garden where human, animals, plants, minerals could live in harmony together... Utopia ? Teenager fantasy ?

    Well Bill Mollison did not only dream : he gave means and shape to his dream in the form of Permaculture which he has ceaselessly transmitted all around the world ;

    In contrast with the name, Permaculture is Not a new way of cultivating the soil... Rather Permaculture is a real way of life, with its philosophy, Ethics, Principles and a huge amount of Techniques to make the dream become TRUE...

    We shall talk again about Permaculture in the next egazetes...

    Yet if you have the opportunity to Plant a Tree Now ... well... Bill Mollison and the Planet would be Very Happy !!!

    A Huge Thanks to this Giant Man, Bill Mollison !



    Now News of the farm :

    Actually not much change since last month :

    --> Durga : we are about to start the works... probably next week and it should last 3 weeks ...

    --> Other good news :  I finally offer Hot water to my little house, and myself ! Some more comfort will be very much appreciated :)

     You remember that all this will be possible thanks to You, to the Crowd Funding !!! So Big Thanks !

    Precisely what is the situation of the Crowd Funding ?

    Today we reach the amount of 12048 € of which

    6000 € will be spent for Durga

    5000 € will be kept to « hold on financially » until next automn when ( I do hope) we shall REOPEN the farm !  

    1000 € for my house (hot water solar system and other details)

    We wont be able to build the TOOL SHED – LAUNDRY... So this is postponed for... later !

    However I hope we can renovate the LOTUS POND : New Moon, News from the Farm, oct 2016(here pic shows the pond in 2010 ! How great !!)

    its ecological EPDM membrane has been of course destroyed by the fire,

    yet the hole is still here ! So without big expenses, some work and big plastic,

    we should be able to recreate it ...

    Hopefully before winter so that we can collect the heavy winter rains

    which will allow to irrigate the trees in summer without using the scarce village water...

    Estimated Cost :  800 €

    If You too wish to participate to the renovation of the Lotus Pond... the crowd funding continues...

                                                          HERE to DONATE !

                                                And Huge thanks in advance...

                            If everyone puts a little droplet, we shall have a Big Pond !



    Other sides of Financing :

    --> TKDK : for Anahat, the common house, we dont have more news for the moment ; our application is nearly complete, a few things remain, and we shall wait for further information...

    --> Yves Rocher Foundation : I just finished and sent an application to the Yves Rocher Foundation who, through the « Terre de Femmes » prize, grants some projects with fundings... So Lets cross the fingers ! Results next spring or so...

    So, that’s it for today..




    New Moon is approaching... The Book continues... Autumn has come... Bamboos tremble under the light breeze... And Planets continue to turn...

    Om shanti



    New Moon, News from the Farm, oct 2016