• Festival of Light and Good news !

    Special Egazete for the Light Fest and

    Festival of Good news in the Yunus Emre farm ! 8th dec 2017



    Sharing of the Sun Garden

    For after nearly 5 month of hard and seemingly endless administrative process we ultimately reached there with the young farmers : the Sun garden – land of the Yunus Emre farm – is now SHARED between all of us !!!

    This 1.35 ha land is now shared between the farm  (0.45ha) Mehmet (0.3ha) Sefa (0.3ha) Seçkin (0.15ha) Isil (0.15ha)…


    You may remember that whereas Mehmet and Sefa work in Antalya, Seçkin and Isil live in Germany, and all of them work as engineers in aviation & space ; Now they have their piece of land where they will be able to ground themselves and have some quiet time with the surrounding forest and mountains bringing them peace and tranquillity ...

    We are all very happy of this event and if the financial relief is for me obviously important, I am sincerely rejoicing a LOT to see the field of the farm being ultimately SHARED …

    A new ERA is beginning for the Yunus Emre farm

    You may also remember that having learned some basics of “Shared Governance” we try to apply them in the governance of our young team… And until now well… although we have been through difficult times involving paperworks and money issues – which, as we all know, are typically difficult to deal with in a group because the egos are very sensitive  – we finally ended up all work done and HAPPY !

    So as we say in Turkish …

    “gule gule oturun ! hayirlisi olsun!” … “sit smiling smiling … may this work be beneficial!” 


    Festival of Light and Good news !



    There are also other very good news, which concern mostly French speakers/ readers… 

    I know a few of you are, so in brief here they are :

    our Yoga & Trekk program in may  is now defined and promises to be a beautiful experience…

    7-18 may between the farm, Taurus mountains, Lycian way near the coast, trekking & "yoging" :)  integrating yoga in the day to day life :) exchanging cultural experiences :) a rich program in deed

    I will come back soonnnnn very sooonn with all the details :) in french as well as in english !

    Festival of Light and Good news !


    Mirabelle, (alias Isabelle :) author of the book “Adventures of a yogini pilot around the earth, or a thirsty quest for truth” will be in Lyon to present her book on the 17 january !...

    Of course this will be French only ... Yet I will give you the information soon, in case ... :)

    Festival of Light and Good news !



    In Lyon tonight is a  big Light festival !

    Its origine dates from the Middle age or so, as the Lyon's inhabitants have always been very much devoted to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

    It is said that in the ancient times, Mary saved Lyon's inhabitants from a terrible epidemy… and later saved them again from some savage invasion…

    But it is when the religious authority decided ultimately to offer a golden statue to Mary, that the Light’s fest started… How?

    The authority planned to install the statue on the “Fourviere’s basilica” on the 8th September; However a terrible flood took place which prevented the event from taking place. It has been postponed to the 8th December. Yet, that day too tremendous weather obscured the sky, and no installation could be done… until … the evening came where finally the sky became clear !

    At this moment, Lyon's people saw a “message” from Mary and spontaneously lighted hundreds of candles at their windows… and the statue could be put into place…

    And that’s how each 8th December is now celebrated as the Day of the Lights !

    Good Night !!  Happy Light festival !!


    Festival of Light and Good news ! Festival of Light and Good news ! Festival of Light and Good news !

    Festival of Light and Good news !