• New Moon, News of the farm and Isabelle alias Mirabelle nov 2017

    New moon, news of the farm and Isabelle alias Mirabelle   Novembre 2017


    Here I am again after some time “off” yet fully busy… I feel the Moon runs faster than me in the sky!... I lose my rythme!

    Anyhow… I hope you will rejoice by reading those good news..…

    --> For those who do not know yet, I started two months ago a course to learn about “Financial Independance”.

    Everywhere on the internet we can read about this topic and find more or less good quality papers, trainings, coaches claiming they will make you rich in a few weeks by simply calling abundance…

    Hum… I am lucky enough to have met Nathalie Cariou thanks to my friend Marie Pierre who is also a yoga teacher, and I instantly found out that her approach towards the subject of the Financial Intelligence is just great.

    Knowing that my financial situation has been absolutely critical those last years (because of the farm’s fire in 2012) and feeling that the time had come for me to take my finances into control, I urgently wanted to register to the course… Yet the price was as high as my bank account was empty…

    I spent one night in despair and in the morning I knew that I had to book for the course: It was Vital.

    I also knew that Money would come for it;

    And you know that I called YOU again, and YOU answered, and YOU helped me again.  

    And now, I am super happy to announce you that the course is Fully Paid !

    So please receive again all my GRATITUDE !!! …


    I can assure you that this course will give fruits!... Actually it already started :

    -->  Thanks to Marie Pierre, (who introduced me to Nathalie Cariou and the course) we shall organize in spring a beautiful program “Yoga & Trek in Turkey” : 12 days between the Yunus Emre farm and Taurus moutains, and the Lycian way along the mediterraneen coast. Conscious walks, guided meditations, daily yoga practices, healthy food, visit of historical places… A lovely program guided by Marie Pierre, IFY yoga teacher, a Professional guide for the Lycian way, and my self, Isabelle, Satyananda yoga teacher. We plan to publish the announcement next month, however the dates are already booked : from 18th to 29th may… to put in your calendar !

    --> Thanks to Heidi & Anette, I have become “corrector” on a edition website; this job should generate some incomes in Euros

    -->  Thanks to Marie-Pierre again, I have become Ambassador for Nathalie Cariou’s courses; this job too should generate some incomes in Euros via “MLM” network marketing;

    Not only because my recent past has been financially difficult, but also because of the economical global situation, generating incomes in Euro is very important to me: Turkish lira has become so weak that buying Euros is like buying Gold !!


    Having said that, I continue my study about the nature of Money; It is incredible how important our beliefs are… and the power they have… The biggest part of the program might be to reorganize not only the accountancy, bank accounts, purses etc. but also the beliefs… Sorting out which are “appropriate” and which are not… And keeping only the appropriate ones… and then accepting the flow of abundance …

    I plan to share this new venture in a new website & facebook page but… in French only :)  :(   Apologize to my english speaking friends… But for the french speakers, here is the new website: https://isabellelibertefinanciere.jimdo.com/

    All for now !

    It is said that this New Moon has the power of realizing our wishes and it is a good idea to write them or draw them now and offer them to the Moon … I did it ! … And you ?

    Good night !

    Isabelle alias Mirabelle


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