• Yogic ecological life, a philosophy?



    According to you ecofarm experience, what can you say about eco-life?


    I will talk about

    -- what ecological life brought to me at personal level

    -- the concept of inner and outer ecology

    -- the importance of reconnecting with nature to live ecology in our planet


    Personal aspect:


    What I can say at my personal level is that coming back to the source, back to simple and natural life, brough me back to the essentiels : Balance, Living the Present, Connexion with Nature;

    As a consequence, I recovered from a lot of health issues and my life took another dimension;

    What the farm brought to me is priceless and this is what i want to share with others


    Inner and Outer Ecology:


    Inner Ecology is the ability to transform our inner negativities into a flourishing inner garden...Just like the compost transforms wastes into “gubre” ; This will be done by yoga and ayurveda;


    External Ecology is the ability to live on this planet in harmony with other species and whole nature; for this yoga will help with the “yamas and niyamas” and “mantras, yantras, havan” and a lot more things, yet we also need practical tools and there comes permaculture, which teaches us how to design a place so as to create a sustainable living, and thousands of other important things; ethics of permaculture also are important and close to those of yoga;


    Additionnaly:  as the Spiritual Traditions say, we project our inner world to the outer world;

    So if we want a “clean” world, it is of utmost importance to clean our inner world first...

    There can be no real ecology without inner ecology;

    In the farm, both will be represented and practiced so that we get the full picture of Ecological Living;


    Ecology at global level:


    Besides at global level we know how urgent it is to  come back to natural/ ecological life. But it is difficult, why ? Because we are disconnected from the Nature, from the Cosmic forces that governs the Universe; Because of this disconnection, we destroy, pollute, kill without being aware that we are killing... the Source of our living, the forests, the air, the water, our friends animals, our friends plants, etc...


    If one connects again with Nature, than the sensation of “being one with Nature” follows, and as a consequence one cannot harm nature anymore, it becomes just impossible... One becomes aware of every tiny creature on the planet and will care for them, be it plants, animals, stones, forests, mountains, stars... One becomes One with all creatures of the world;

    This is what “reconnection to Nature” can bring; it further leads to spontaneous ecological life, which in turn may bring peace and balance in the world;


    So the Yunus Emre farm and me, we are not aiming at changing the world, but at least we try to do our best at our level :)



    What do they think about your farm rules who stay in the farm?

    Çiftliğinde kalan insanlar çiftlik kuralları ile ilgili neler düşünüyorlar? Çok mu katı kurallar onlar için yoksa bunları deneyimlemek için bir fırsat olarak mı görüyorlar? 


    I have to keep the atmosphere of the farm, that of a yogic place, this is very important for me, and for the world.

    That is why we eat vegetarian, that is why we practice yoga, that is why we chant mantras, do havan, and that is why electronic devices are used only with great awareness, etc.

    This is for this specific atmosphere that people love to be in the farm; but it needs rules which some times are not easy to accept, I agree;

    If some people feel like they wont be able to cope with it, they just dont come.. Maybe it is not the right time and the right place for them...


    And about the very limited use of cell phones : We become too much invaded by these electronics in our lives, we are becoming their slaves; I learned that in Europe there are now places called “white places” or “blank places” : places where the phones are not allowed;

    Now people are actually searching for such places : they need to detoxify from too much phone slavery !... So the farm will be one of these “blank space” where one can “detox” from such addiction and reconnect with oneself;

    And yes, the rules of the farm might be a little bit challenging but highly beneficial for people who come, and for the environment.



    What is philosophy of the farm? 


    It can be summurize like this :

    All spiritual traditions, Sufism, Yoga, Zen, Buddhism etc say that

                 “ The world is the mirror of our inner being;”


    If we want a better world, we have to change ourselves, and the world will change.

    Start by doing your own inner ecology and then the world will be an ecological garden :)

    The farm’s aim is to offer an opportunity for this evolution.


    Just like Gandhi said:


    “Be the change that you want for the world”


    Om shanti