Life is smooth and quiet in Yunus Emre farm...      

    When they talk about the Yunus Emre farm , all our visitors, guests, students, friends, notice the special atmosphere which reigns there..

    maybe a kind of serenity?



    The place in itself seems to be filled with a strong energy. Nature’s Presence is tangible. However so as to keep high the level of this pure energy, we choose to respect a few rules which all aim at keeping this closeness alive, vivid, and establishing even true communication with Nature… because we are not separated from her,  we are Nature :) … and thanks to this life style, we may even experience that feeling.

    Sure all yoga practices specially mantra chanting are powerfull means that raise up the level of energy here. Yet generally speaking, here are some gentle guidelines which you will be requested to follow during your stay at Yunus Emre farm;

    If you have questions about them, dont hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to help !   



    ==  food is always vegetarian, with no exception – thus meat and fish are excluded yet eggs and dairy are often at the menu – proteins may be found in much more vegetable than we think… menus are prepared in advance and follow as much as possible the wonderful science of Ayurveda …

    == meals are prepared by teams under the guidance of a “chef” and according to seasonal menus – teams  change every day and our teachers will make sure that the kitchen team does not miss any important part of the teaching…


    ==  if you bring food (for you or to share) please try to avoid ready / processed / supermarket food as well as too much plastic, bags, packing etc… besides do not keep food into your sleeping area for it could attract animals at night J 

    == there is neither alcool – even wine or beer – nor any kind of drug consumption in the farm

    == there is no fridge yet so depending on the season, storage of food is limited (2015 spring 2016... it may change soon:)

    == there is no rubbish collection in Camlik, thus we have to collect our garbage and bring it to the city – of course organic waste goes into the compost – yet it is important to feel responsible of what we throw away, and try to minimise unnecessary wrapping, packing, plastics, bottles, ready products etc…


    == at the moment (summer 2015) electricity is supplied by two small solar panels, thus recharging electric devices might any time become limited according to weather and farm’s priorities…

    == both because electric energy might be scarce and to preserve the pure atmosphere of the farm, electric and electronic devices are utilised with high discrimination…

    == please bring a possibly autonomous alarm clock (with batteries?)

    == mobile phones are left in your accomodation place in silent mode and will be used only in case of real need or emergency. It  will allow you to be present, in the present, with your present fellows

    == the farm’s phone will always be at your disposal either to call or to be called – specially when electric capacities wont be enough to recharge your phones…

    ==  tablets, computers, and other electronic devices will be used only in case of absolute need ( professionnal for example) if electricity allows, and in your accomodation or camelia – thanks for letting us know about your need

    == pictures will be taken by two (willing) participants and us, then shared – neither facebook nor selfies during courses :) thanks !

    == lighting in the Yunus Emre farm is very scarce, only a few “LED”s show some paths – it allows us to benefit from the stary night and moon light … - 

    == thus the need of one powerful torch is absolute – be it with rechargeable batteries or simple batteries


    == toilets are healthy ecological ones, allowing both “ala turca” and “ala franca” sittingJ - toilet paper and water are available for personal toilette – know though that both “ala turca” sitting and “water cleansing” are far healthier than the western options… - manure will compost with saw dust, water, time and become precious fertilizer  for the trees J 

    == showers are outdoor and might provide lukewarm water if the sun is shining…

    == there is still no washing maching in the farm (summer 2015) yet it might change hopefully one day J  - in the meantime you will need to have your clothes hand washed … or to make friends with some neighbor !!


    == like everywhere in Turkey we take our shoes out before we enter a house – this is valid for all buildings in the farm, be it the kitchen, the tents, Durga the yoga shala, Saraswati the other tent, Anahat (future guest house), any hut (future) or tent of the farm – good idea to have “easy to take off shoes” and during the cold seasons good to bring slippers …

    == the farm’s gardens are regularely maintained and you will be asked not to enter them unless you have a specific duty in…

    == when you use tools (during workshop, karma yoga or other..) make sure they will be put away at the end of each session and in same condition as they were – thanks for letting us know if any damage or loss occur -

    == in spring and summer you might need instect repellent creams or lotions – eucalytus essential oil with some drops of lemon is said to be very efficient J 

    == you might be sun sensitive or not, it is very much advised to protect yourself from the sun here, with hat, scarfs… for the sun in South Turkey might be very strong (UV 9 to 10…)


    If each of us make sure these gentle guidelines are respected,

    the life in the Yunus Emre farm will be harmonious,

    respectful of Nature, and every one shall all benefit from it.

    In advance, thank you

    See you soon in the Yunus Emre farm

    The farm’s team


    for guidelines during ecotourism stay, please come back when the ecotourism program open...