« See, you are a father or a mother. If all your children receive food and whatever they need, you are happy, arent you ?

    Now imagine that some of your children have everything, yet one of them has to live without anything. Without a shelter, without food, without education, without help. What would you think ? Of course you would feel it is not right, you would do everything to help your little one, you would even ask your other children to help this poor kid…

    Now imagine that Earth is your family, and that human beings are your children.

    Can you accept that some of them live in poverty, without healthcare, without education, without enough food… while others have everything, even more.. ? »


    A spiritual master was having this speech one day and i was witnessing. I have been strongly moved because everything is completely true.

    Our world is completely unbalanced ;

    We forgot to SHARE ;

    We forgot that we are a big family of beings living on the Same planet ;

    And it is urgent to remember this.





    This is an aspect of the GLOBAL ECOLOGY ;

    We are part of those who have « everything »… eventhough sometimes it seems difficult to pay the bills ! Let us be happy to have bills ! It means we have a house !  Whereas 80% of human dont !

    This looks incredible, but it is true !

    What to do then ? What can we do ?

    Feeling guilty is neither constructive nor right…

    Becoming aware is the first step, aknowledging this situation is the first step, and then, maybe your heart will show you a way to help…


    For me, the « number ONE » which can help to bring balance at ALL levels is … YOGA !

    SadhGuru expresses this perfectly in the fantastic lecture he gave to the UN on the 20th June this year, just one day before the International Yoga day.  (link here) He explained who Yoga can solve ALL the problems the world encounters nowdays … why ? how ?... Well, best to look at the video !

    Narendra Modi the indian prime minister (thanks to whom the 21rst June has become the International Yoga day) says about yoga :  

        « Yoga allows one to discover the sense of ONENESS with one self, the world, and the nature»


    That means that yoga can help us to « feel » this human family again, yoga can help to reopen the closed heart, and thus yoga can bring PEACE inside of our being…

    And as a consequence, PEACE in the WORLD…

    Again SadhGuru explains this magnificently in the lecture : the world is the projection of what is inside us…

    Glurp… Oups… Might be difficult to grasp ?

    The world is the projection of the human mind…

    Soon quantum physics will confirm what yogis know since milleniums…

    Like this, what we see outside in the present world, is the projection of what is in our collective unconscious mind…

    Arrghhh… Gosh…. cant’ believe this !!

    Yes… difficult… yet not so dramatic.. this is just part of human evolution.. Again no need to feel responsible or guilty for this.. Negativities are a compost for evolution … Besides, there are also « positivities » in this big mind !


    Having said that, it becomes  obvious that if we « clean » the negativities out from the collective mind, then the world will become « positif »…

    Well easy to say… not so easy to do ?...

    However nowdays everything becomes possible…

    SadhGuru says that the only way to establish sustainable PEACE and ECOLOGY in the world is to CHANGE OURSELVES…

    Oups ? ? What doest it mean to change myself ?

    Precisely, it means becoming aware that in my memory backpack that I carry through years, there are a lot of negativities and I have to clean that…

    Glurp ! But how ????

    Ahhhhhhhh dont you guess ? 

    Of course ! Mister Clean Mind is  YOGA !

    Its very simple indeed ! …

    You already know that yoga brings us back into contact with our true nature, Atma, the soul… thust everything becomes possible !


    But we shall continue next month ! ;) ……………………………..



    In the meantime, I warmly advise you to watch this powerful video

    with SadhGuru speaking in the United Nations on the 20th June 2016.

    The theme is « How yoga can help to reach the goals for sustainable development ».

    This is a MUST WATCH …. « Link here, SadhGuru addresses the UN »

    Yes it lasts one hour… so why not schedule this video for tonight !


    If definitely you have only TWO minutes to spend, then you may watch this lovely video showing how amazing has become the International Yoga day this year… Link here « International Yoga day June 2016 »



    Hari Om Tat Sat

    Sannyasi Yogapushpa, Isabelle

    Founder of Yunus Emre farm, yogic ecological farm