• Report of SadhGuru conference in UN 20 June 2016

    SadhGuru addresses the United Nations

    June 20 2016

    Theme of the satsang : Yoga for meeting the goals of sustainable development


    Opening :

    SadhGuru is sitting still, eyes  closed and chants a soft chant, moving gently his fingertips. The audience is very still, some people even seem to meditate, eyes closed, others just look and listen…


     Report of SadhGuru conference in UN 20 June 2016

    Maxwell Kennedy is sitting near SadhGuru and starts to speak, he will be questionning SadhGuru about sustainable development before other listeners in the audience also ask their questions.

    Please remember that this text is only a pale summary of what has been said during this memorable lecture given by SadhGuru. It does not reflect the specific atmosphere that was palpable even through the video specially when the audience was visibly moved by SadhGuru’s true words.


    Question by Max Kennedy :

    Why do you start this conference by a chant ?

    Answer by SadhGuru :

    This chant is so to say an invocation. It will allow me to tune myself with what i am going to do here and now. You see, to perform different types of activities, we have to align our energy in different ways. If not, we just stay in one type of activity and remain unable of doing anything else. This chanting acts as a calibration of my energy using sound.

    As for the meaning : it says like « birth is sweet, death is compassion » indeed, what if we would never die ! Can you imagine that ! Death is indeed a present to human beings ! This chant most of all speaks about yoga, yoga as a way to transcend TIME.

    Now because we are identified and limited by our physical nature, we have the sense of time which is essentially cyclical. Yet should we have no body, then all perception of time would dissappear.

    Because yoga is bringing us beyond our physical nature, yoga allows us to transcend the cyclical nature of life and time.


    Question by Max Kennedy :

    Now coming to our subject, what is your vision of the sustainable development, how can yoga help us to achieve our goals in this topic ?

    Answer by SadhGuru :

    Well, actually if we think about it, all subject in which we have to attain sustainable development have to deal with Human Well Being ;

    Be it poverty, nourrishment, health, women, environment… everything has to do with human well being…

    Yet, how can we transform the world without transforming human being ?

    We must know this : the world is just a world, if there is no change in the way we perceive experiences, the world will remain the same ; if human being undergo a transformation at a large scale, only then there will be changes in the world.

    This is where yoga comes into play and the establishement of the International Yoga Day one year ago by you all, distinguished members and excellences of the United Nations, is a revolutionnary approach.

    I have been participating in many many conferences about Peace. Every body was talking and talking about world peace, how what when… One day, when many Nobel laureates where present,  I asked them :

    « Is it true that all of you are truly at peace inside your heart ? »

    They said : 

    « No ! We dont know how to be peaceful inside, but we want the world to be peaceful »

    So how can this be possible ? It is just impossible.

    Because what we see as the world is just the larger manifestation of who we are.


    Question by Maxwell Kennedy :

    All people are doing yoga now, me too, I am stretching my body, trying to control my breathing… But can you explain us what really is yoga ?

    Answer by SadhGuru :

    Since always, there has been a strong longing in human being for true and everlasting well being and fullfilment of life. Well, when you find a logically correct, sustainable and scientific way that may bring this, you can call it yoga.

    In human history, we have been searching in all directions for that. Religions have brought separation and dissensions, and in pursuit of that goal, we have now destroyed the whole planet….

    In the last 50 years, we can definitely say that we are the most comfortable generation that has ever existed since mankind exists. Yet we cannot say that we are well, because we are not well. People are not happy…

    Why ? because we have not addressed our innerself.

    So if you can be in touch with your inner nature in a scientific manner rather than by belief, philosophy or ideology, then that is yoga.


    Yoga, Yug’ in sanscrit means Union ; Yoga is the scientific way of obliterating the boundaries of our individuality ;

    Now I am sitting here, and you are sitting there, our physical bodies are separated, they are different ; yet we are breathing the same air, we come and shall go back to the same earth, we are made of the same elements ; at other levels we actually are SAME and Yoga may give you this experience of ONENESS, not by belief or philosophy or ideology, but by scientific practices.


    Here is an example : In Tamil Nadu my home land, because the soil was becoming so dry, unfertile, and rough we decided to organise a huge movement of Tree Plantation. For that we needed villagers in big numbers and we wanted them to be motivated for that, to understand why it was important to plant trees. So we gathered a huge number of villagers and brought them in a forest where trees were remaining. And we gave them a very simple practice : they were told to observe their breath, and to feel that the air (oxygen) they were inhaling was actually the air exhaled by the trees, and that the air (carbone dioxide) that they were exhaling was indeed the air inhaled by the trees…

    It was a very deep and strong experience for all those villagers who instantly understood the huge importance of trees and the urgency of planting large numbers of them… The movement has taken such a dimension that… villagers continue to plant until now !!


    So what we think as ourselves is actually not limited by the physical body. Once we experience that, in one way or another, the goals of sustainabity can be met.


    Question by Maxwell Kennedy :

    About poverty : there is a huge gap in the world and in US, between people who have capital, and those who dont. How can yoga give solution in terms of sustainable development ?


    Answer by Sadh Guru :

    We have chosen an economic model based on « all for me », nothing is dedicated to the community ; we have probably gone for that because we are not ready for something else yet ; so poor people want to share (because they have nothing) and rich people who have everything do not want to share ! It looks a bit like a joke but it is in the whole world the same story ;

    Is this the best way to run the world ? No !

    Do we have a better idea ? No !


    Yet, yoga can help : again, yoga is not merely twisting the body and holding the breath ; yoga is a living experience ; with yoga one can transcend the limits of one’s physical nature, thus get a larger vision of life where oneness is not an intellectual concept but a living experience ; thus sharing, caring, respecting becomes spontaneous ;

    However it does not mean that every body will live together like peace and love… !

    But creative business can be implemented ; and has to be : a new form of doing business has to be created, where  all parts are content in the trading ;

    Usually one makes profit, the other gets kind of cheated ; we have to change that !

    As long as we make business in a short term vision thinking of personal profit, it cannot be sustainable because well being is not reached.


    This has been my duty during the past years to teach to business leaders a new way of practicing business. This is very important. In the ancient times we were following religious leaders, then we followed military leaders, nowdays we follow political leaders… but in a short future we shall follow business leaders.

    Business leaders who practice sustainable business, business which brings well being to ALL parties ; look be it in marriage or in market, the aim is always well being of all parts otherwise it does not work!

    It is essential that business leaders change their vision from « self-centered » to « well being of all » ; when business is made with this larger vision, it is sustainable and the world works with you ; however as long as business aims at personal ambition only, there is no sustainability and the world is against you ;

    So i teach the business leaders on « how to make the difference » and not on « how to make profit »…  and you will see soon their langage changing…


    Question by Maxwell Kennedy :

    What is your opinion about the discrepancy between man and woman ?

    Answer by SadhGuru :

    Well, we said that yoga transcends the physical nature ; the differences between man and women are essentially based on different physical organs, right ? So once we go beyond the physical limitations we can easily understand that there is no such difference between men and women… We can already see in the world that such discrepancies are rapidly vanishing.. only 60 year old people still think that there should be differences but the youth is not thinking like that..


    Question by Maxwell Kennedy :

    How do you see the world in 30 years ?

    Answer by SadhGuru :

    Nodays, people have access to all kinds of knowledge and the human intellect is sparkling like never before in the history of humanity ; more and more people can think for the themselves and want correct answers to their numerous questions ; people does not accept anymore answers that are not truly scientifically proven ;

    Thus we are moving to an era where TRUTH will be the only possible authority.


    If we think of the International Yoga Day : it has come one year ago thanks to Narendra Modi, prime minister of India, but it is as if it had been awaited by the world !


    People in the world are waiting for scientific and logically correct solutions for human well being.

    The quest, the aspiration for human well being will not stop unless we provide a reliable methodology to reach it. We can see all over the world how people get lost into alcohol, drugs, chemicals and even suicide… because they cant find true well being… This is a big concern to which yoga can be the solution.


    Yoga is not indian. If you want to say that yoga is indian, you should  say that gravity is european ! Yes yoga originated in India where sages of all times investigated deeply into the human mind, human functionning…

    Actually the science of yoga is an ultimate solution for every aspect of human life…

    It is the way to transcend our physical limitations and experience the full dimension of life. Becoming a yogi means that, having experienced the full dimension of life, which is union.

    So to transform the world and establish sustainable peace, we shall need millions of yogis having experienced this union with others and with the world ; and this is particularily important with leaders ;

    Leaders are touching others lives, they can either break or illuminate people’s lives… it is thus of utmost importance that leaders as their first priority put the work upon oneself. (huge cheers !)

    The first thing leaders should do is to work upon theirselves.


     After that people in the audience expressed themselves and/or asked questions to SadhGuru. We have to remind that the audience is made of politicians from all countries in the world being part of the United Nations.


    In a summary, we can feel how yoga touched the lives of ALL these politicians ; since one year (even before for some of them) they practice yoga almost daily, and if not daily they read, search and learn more about yoga because they all understand that the benefits of yoga go far beyond the only physical aspect of life but may encompass all aspects, psychological and spiritual… thus have strongly positive consequences on the whole world in all realms of life…

    They all agree saying that yoga not only changed their lives for best, but will help them to reach the 70 goals they have to meet regarding sustainable development in the world.



    I noted that some of the politicians were very emotionnal when they spoke, it looked as if they were really opening their heart and sharing truly their inner feelings with the whole assembly and world watching through internet… It was deeply moving to see these politicians opening to true human life and it made me think that the old world is really slowly vanishing… letting place to a new world…

    And maybe not so slowly !....

    Om tat sat !

    To watch SadhGuru addressing the UN follow this link