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     Satyananda Yoga week end with Sannyasi Atmatattwananda

    Love and Authority

    The Yunus Emre farm, Yogic and Ecological farm, What is it ? Why ?

    2011 Program


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    With Sannyasi ATMATATTWANANDA from Bihar School of Yoga



    This course has been for all of us as intense as the Satyananda Yoga.


    The Satyananda Yoga system allows one to develop a conscious attitude, the AWARENESS in every action thought,

    “Aware of being aware” …and Consciousness opens


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    Sannyasi ATMATATTWANANDA is Satyananda Yoga teacher since around 30 years. She has been regularely teaching in the Bihar School of Yoga, home of the Satyananda Yoga.

    Now she is managing the Satyananda Yoga European Academy which offers high level training in Yoga following to the pure Tradition. There we can undertake Yogic Studies and Yoga teacher training course for example.


    She accepted to come FREE for this exceptionnal course in the Yunus Emre farm so as to support the farm and let the Satyananda Yoga be known in Turkey. Thanks to her the course could be free of charge.


    She liked so much Turkey the Turkish atmosphere and the Turkish people’s thirst for learning that she hopes to come again in 2011…





    “Insh Allah”

    “May this wish be also that of the Higher Consciousness”

    Om Shanti























    Ecovillages,  Communities, Group activities, Consensus decisions making...

    Beautiful ideas indeed. Everyone looks after everyone, Everyone’s needs being respected and fullfilled!


    Yet after some experiences I think:

    Consensus leads to the free flow of each individual’s mind.

    This individual mind being mostly ego-centered, where does this lead ?


    If people have been working on themselves, if they happened to learn about the mind’s terrible tricks and functionning, then yes it may work for some time.

    Just for some time.


    Time to realise that there is a “Higher Authority” which we cannot escape.




    This word is frightening.

    This word makes us run away.

    This word resonnate like Hierarchy, War, Army, Chief, School and so on


    “we dont need your education” ...  sung the Pink Floyd ... “ leave the kids alone”


    This word drove us maybe to become rebel or junk or thief or marginal...

    This word drove us maybe to break the laws, to become outlaw ...


    “we dont need your education” ... shouted the Pink Floyd...” leave the kids alone”


    “Brake the laws ! Down with tyrants ! “

    “No Religion ! no Slaveholder “! shouted the anarchists.






    So many images, so many emotions, such heavy individual stories are bound to this simple word.

    Authority. Blood, war, injustice... Authority...

    Down with Authority.

    We are moulded in this history.

    Even our education is moulded in this history.








    Yet let us take a closer look at this 8 letters word.

    Let us leave our personal story aside

    Let us leave our personal emotions aside


    And let us just imagine that however rebel outlaw marginal we may have been – or we still are..


    Let us just imagine that ... whatever we do whatever we think there might be a “Higher Authority”, and this “Higher Authority “ could be above ALL, could govern everything, Cosmos, the Universe..


    Let us just imagine that this “Higher Authority” could be just .. LOVE.



            Then everything could change.



    Mevlana said:

    “It is not out of pure gravity that planets turn around the Sun, but out of LOVE for the star from whom they receive Light”


    One day in a deep love sorrow I cried and desperately called:

    “What is LOVE??”

    And I received:

    “Love is that what binds beings together”




    Now let us watch the Great Nature, Mother Nature, and Nature’s Order.

    Like smart beginners in permaculture, having emptied ourselves let us just OBSERVE Nature.


    Let us observe the perfect danse of the stars, planets and Sun in the Cosmos, the moon in our sky... rain, rivers, oceans on our beautiful planet...


    Let us observe once this incomparable order, this inimitable order, Nature’s order.
    Seasonal rythmes, spring awakening, winter hibernation...

    These rythmes are just like laws that each and every element in Nature would naturally follow...

    Because in the Nature a giraffe would not try to become a snail!

    Neither would a frog try to become a ox !

    No way !


    In Nature every element, every parcel of Creation comes to birth, grows, lives and dies following Nature’s order, Nature’s laws, Nature’s Authority.


    And even if this order looks sometimes destroying, no one in Great Nature tries to oppose to Nature’s order.


    No one ? except ... human, Human being who believes he is stronger than Nature.

    Human being believes he is stronger than Nature’s forces, than Nature’s order

    Human being believes he is stronger than the Nature’s forces of law and order


    Yes the Nature’s forces of law and order.

    Maybe again these words could create some tsunami inside you...

    Maybe again these words could be like taboo for some personnal reasons..


    Yet here again let us watch just the words :

     “ Nature’s -  forces -  of - laws - and - order”

    Let us blow away our personnal stories our personnal emotions and mind flow.

    “Nature’s – forces – of – law- and – order “


    Of course Nature’s laws generate order

    And this order generates forces.

    And these forces create Nature’s cohesion.


    In Yoga these forces are called “Dharma”


    As long as we oppose to Dharma we are in “Adharma”, against Nature and thus leading towards chaos.. just like we do in the present times.




    Now let us stop for a while.

    And Breathe.

    Let us observe.

    And Breathe.

    In and out

    And in and out..

    Let us Breathe

    And listen to this breathe inside us, listen to this breath that makes us alive, that makes our soul a living body...

    Let us listen to our heart beat, life beat, Universe’s beat...


    Let us feel LIFE inside us, the Life’s force inside us, let us feel this incredible life’s cohesion inside us, let us feel just grateful and humble towards such magnificence, towards such a huge fantastic mystery, the Life’s mystery, the Great Nature’s mystery...Nature LOVES us.


    Yes. With universal and unconditionnal Love.

    This Universal Love that makes the Soul grow.

    This Love for which sometimes Life brings us sufferings, just like this Dervish tortures the sleeping man under the apple tree ( read HERE this beautiful tale by Mevlana)


    Universal Love is not a conditionnal love bound with expectations like

     “ I love you if you love me” No !

    Universal Love is UNCONDITIONNAL. It is HERE. That’s it.

    It doest not change with changing emotions or weather‘s mood.

     It is here, unchangeable, immovable.

    And it is HERE in US , IN ALL OF US.


    And we have to find it. In us.

    We have to understand that Nature’s guidance, Life’s guidance is only LOVE, eventhough sometimes the experience is painful.

    We must know that each and every experience that Nature gives us is here for our GOOD and for our soul’s growth.

    We must be absolutely convinced that Nature only acts out of LOVE.

    Because Nature IS Love.


    Then we can understand the power of the Surrender

    Surrender to Mother Nature, to Her power, Her force, Her authority, because She is hugely far more evolved than we will ever be, because She knows all the secrets that we will never know.


    Then we can feel how soft, how fantastic it becomes to just let GO, to just abandon our life to Great Nature’s Authority, to Mother Nature who is only Forgiveness, Compassion, Tolerance, Infinite tenderness, who is only LOVE.


    If we manage to feel this, then the concept of Authority just melts and merges in the infinite Ocean of LOVE.





    Om Tat Sat.












    Yunus Emre farm – Yogic Ecological farm –


    What is the place, the role of the Yunus Emre farm regarding all that ?

    The Yunus Emre farm is first of all a Yogic place based on the Yogic teachings.



    Because Yoga is a spiritual teaching that allows us to unite with Nature, with Mother Nature.


    Because thanks to the Yoga practices we learn and understand how we function, and specially how our mind functions.


    Because Yoga shows us clearly that although we may feel “free” when acting as a rebel for example  we are actually only the slaves of our mind and its functionning.

    We are only acting out of reactions to our past history traumas and memories.

     (karma samskaras vasanas..)


    Because Yoga opens our eyes, specially the third eye – yes it exists !

    It is called “Ajna” and this third eye allows us to really SEE our functionning, and to reconnect with our inner Nature, with our Soul, and thus with Mother Nature.


    This is Ajna which permits us to SEE through the veil of ego, through the veil of Maya- illusion, and to see the true dimension of life, the Transcendental dimension.


    This is Ajna which brings us VIVEKA, DISCRIMINATION which will allow us to discriminate between our ego- desires and actions ( mostly responsive) and the desires and actions coming from Atma the Soul, which will be creatives.


    Then we will realise that we are only the slaves of our ego and mind.

    Ego and mind are of  course absolutely necessary to our lives but they are so limited. And at this point we will realise that instead of being free we are only in the ego’s prison.


    Then we will understand the value of “Surrender”, surrender to Great Nature, surrender to the Higher Nature, and how precious it will become because only thanks to Surrender we shall become what we really ARE.


    Only with Surrender we shall become FREE.




    This is what Yoga offers to human searching for TRUE FREEDOM.





    So in the Yunus Emre farm, not only we  can practice yoga to improve our physical heath, to calm down our mind and manage our emotions, but we can also go further in experiencing the Yogic life style to go deeper in the discovery of life in the quest for liberation.


    In the Yunus Emre farm EVERYTHING is Yoga.

    From morning practices to evening when we go to bed, everything is Yoga because in every action we put AWARENESS.

    Awareness is the KEY to evolution.

    This is the key to feel this “awareness of being conscious”.

    This is the key for expansion of consciousness.


    So of course to live such experience we have to follow the “laws of Yoga”

    That is why in the Yunus Emre farm there are a “daily routine” and rules to be followed which match with the Yogic life style.


    And there is even ... an “Authority” !

    Yes there is an Authority in the Yunus Emre farm: it is called

    “Guru – Love – Nature – Divine – “

    or ... “the one with no name”

    because they are all same.


    Because the Guru or Spiritual Master IS LOVE

    Because thanks to the Guru or Spiritual Master we receive this exceptional teaching which goes far far beyond all these words i am writing now

    Because the Guru is the one who dispels the darkness which we live in.

    Because thanks to the Guru we become able to feel again our inner Light.


    So in the Yunus Emre farm we are under the authority of our Guru, of the Universal Love, of Mother Nature, of the Divine.

    But ... at this level ... the word authority looses its sens

    We just melt in their LOVE ............

    That’s it.


    Hari Om Tat Sat.




















    2011 PROGRAM



    From mid april 2011 the Yunus Emre farm will reopen and offer you in its totally natural environment Satyananda Yoga retreats and week ends.


    Satyananda Yoga retreats:


    There will be specific periods during which you can book for at least one week ( no maximum limitation!) to stay in the farm and imbibe deeply with the yogic life experience.

    You will be under the guidance of Sannyasi Yogapushpa who is also Satyananda Yoga teacher and you will discover the powerfulness of the however simple yogic life.

    You will like this acquire means that you will be able to use again when you go back home (like Yoga nidra for example) and that way you will be able to much better face the ups and downs and day to day difficulties of life. You will be able to much better manage the stresses that we experience in the modern life be it at a physical emotionnal mental or spiritual level.

    In short you will become less affected by the difficulties of the modern life, yet continuing to be totally imbibed in it.

    Because Yoga is not to be lived in a cave but to be applied in the day to day life.

    Yet one yoga course in a week is not enough to learn this. That is why such retreat period becomes a must that you can offer to yourself, to your body, your mind, your spirit.

    Dont forget that by looking after yourself, your look after others.

    The good that you do to yourself will be reflected onto others.


    The program of these retreats will be simply ... the yogic life.

    You can read the article about the yogic life HERE. 

    These retreat periods are mostly destined to people living abroad from Turkey who could hardly come for only one week end ..

    But of course people who live IN Turkey may also come !



    Satyananda Week ends


    Monthly there will be 2 Satyananda Yoga week ends, from Friday evening to Sunday evening, come and imbibe the yoga spirit, offer this break to your body mind spirit.


    The program ?

    Early morning Hatha yoga : Asanas – pranayama


    Karma Yoga (what is Karma Yoga? read HERE)

    Theory and/ or meditation

    Karma Yoga


    Rest – free time

    Yoga nidra- deep relaxation-

    Karma Yoga


    Saturday Evening Program

    Havan ( sacred fire ) and Maha mrityunjaya mantra  chanting for the purification and well being of all

    Offering of Prasad ( sacred food)

    Chants, Kirtans

    Mouna ( Silence)


    The precise calendar for theses week ends and retreat periods will be communicate later on. However if you have questions, if you wish to already book a specific period please let us know. Contact us.

    English, French and Turkish are spoken in the Yunus Emre farm.

    Om shanti


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