If you want a better world for your children...

    If you feel that modern life in the modern world is difficult and meaningless ...

    If you feel that the world is going in the wrong direction if we want a safe future...

    you may be interested by the

    Yunus Emre Farm project


    It seems at times that the modern world has lost the concept of life

    simple life..... human life .. but also the life of the animals, mineral,

    plants, trees with whom we share this beautiful planet Earth ..

    life of our Planet ...life of the Cosmos ..

    Life of the Universe..




    Now we are disconnected from the living Universe, dislocated from the Greater Nature, and also disconnected from our fellow humans,

    connected instead to computers, TVs, MP3 ...

    connected to the supermarket’s – MacDonalds plastic food ...

    “where does the milk come from ?”

    “it grows in the supermarkets”

    will say our robot- children ( maybe already say..)

    we are connected to this “robot- life”

    ceaselessly stressful in a race rush ... home - travel - work - TV -  sleep...

    on the 8th floor of a dead building

    no stopping.. no thinking... always more money to buy the latest TV...

    to buy more material objects that don't even make us more happy !

    where is the life in that?

    is LIFE really THAT ?

    we could continue painting a black picture of the world for pages and pages..

    but it would eventually blacken our minds and hearts too !






    So if you think that

    we can try to change that


    then this project is for you, for us, for our children

    this project is for those who wish to find (again )

    a simple and true life

    a life of sharing, exchange and mutual aid,

    a life with total respect for the whole environment

    a life where life’s pulsation is can be felt


    this project started in Turkey the country of Mevlana

    the Whirling Dervish’s country,


    the country of the fantastic poet troubadour Sufi Yunus Emre,

    country of those lovers of the Universe


    Lovers of Life

    This project is Dedicated to them




    So what is it ?


    One hour north of Antalya –  southern Turkey, Mediterranean sea – in  the village of Camlik, two big fields surrounded by forest, near the mountains and lakes.


    This land is ready ..

    22 small baby trees already planting their roots in the soil,

    a very basic yet friendly camp with Turkish nomad tents allows us to have nice days and spend nights under the stars and moon,

    the neighbors are so nice sweet generous and warm hearted that they will quickly become your friends


    so we are at the very beginning ... and there is a LOT of work to do !!


    It will be

    a human adventure

    a shared adventure

    An adventure through which we may work with our hands and heads

    and express what is in our hearts


    If this adventure sounds attractive to you

    then we welcome you with open arms.




    Outline of the Organization


    We hope that the place will enrich our bodies, minds and souls

    as well as allow a living to every permanent resident thanks to Nature's Abundance;

    This appears wise and important for the future !


    So these are the foundations

    for the time being our team is very small

    but very confident, full of courage and ideas,


    This project is a common project for all of us who believe in


    True Life



    it is dedicated to the children

    to Maxime

    and to

    all future generations




    Antalya 7 october 2008




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