This was neither in Istanbul nor in Konya, yet this seminar got a very specific fragrance.. that of Sufism, that of the Whirling Dervishes .. that of Mevlana, Rumi, Sufi master, and that of Yunus Emre, our beloved sufi poet in the Yunus Emre farm ! 

    SO who knows ? maybe they were here with us ???


    7 JOURS EXPERIENCE DU YOGA - Sn Atmatattwa et Brahmananda                                                                                          7 JOURS EXPERIENCE DU YOGA - Sn Atmatattwa et Brahmananda


    Anyhow torrential rains and terrible thunderstorms welcomed our courageous participants on this very friday 18th may !

    Having come from all over Europe and Middle east for this mysterious 7 day camp.. in this not less mysterious place that almost none of them would know, they have been brave enough to overcome the fear of the unknown and gather in this common venture with Sannyasi Atmatattwa and Brahmananda who organised for us a wonderful and harmonious program based on two frames:

    -- that of NATURE who would gently impose its wills that would only have to be respected ! 

    -- that of EXPERIENCE in that that this seminar would be based essentially on EXPERIENCE


    So almost no theory, but a LOT of practices, a lot of practical EXPERIENCE..

    Be it that of KARMA YOGA, outside or inside according to weather, Karma yoga such a powerful tool for self knowledge and self evolution.....

    Be it that of HATHA YOGA, YOGA NIDRA, MEDITATION classes which will too follow conditions imposed by NATURE...

    Be it that of our daily HAVAN, MANTRAS and KIRTANS practices allowing to purify our inner being as well as the outer environement.. pure YOGIC ECOLOGY ...

    So whatever the experience has been, there is something that has been commonly felt : the feeling of UNION

    UNION of each of us with NATURE, with the ELEMENTS, with COSMOS..

    UNION of each individual melting into a GROUP ...

    Of course each of us will have also personal feelings and experiences, and all participants will find it very difficult to leave the farm on the very last day ! This simple farm where something powerful just binds us to stay ... where nothing separates us from our TRUE NATURE... where we can experience the WORLD as Our  MIRROR ...


    Some images can be found on the photo site photos ICI... but whatever we might show this experience will remain very personal and secret of each of us ! . just like a treasure...


    Thank you to ALL of you who came and made this exceptional seminar POSSIBLE ! 

    And above all, HUGE THANKS to Sannyasis Atmatattwa and Brahmananda thanks to whom 12 people from 10 nationalities and 5 different countries could come and unite towards CONSCIOUSNESS EVOLUTION.

    I wish to add also that Sannyasis Atmatattawa and Brahamananda came "for free"- like "volunteers" to OFFER this 7 day seminar both to the participants and to the Yunus Emre farm, in order to HELP THE FARM TO DEVELOP ! 

    So.... words just dont make justice to express my immense GRATITUDE to you my dear friends and teachers...

    Now it could be possible that in a not too far future we gather again .... to DANCE like Whirling Dervishes .. the DANCE of UNION.. the SEMA DANCE ....


                                                .7 JOURS EXPERIENCE DU YOGA - Sn Atmatattwa et Brahmananda

    Om shanti








    We arrived in the rain, in a field. It seemed like it might be a long and muddy week. But then Yogapushpa welcomed us with open arms and showed us into a beautiful nomad tent, with comfortable beds and a carpet on the wooden floor. When the rain stopped the light was otherworldly, the green of the fields and the yellows and pinks of the wildflowers glowing in technicolor. Over the following week we were treated to a deeply centering sadhana programme in the mornings, yoga nidra in the afternoons, havan and kirtan every evening, combined with gardening and other invigorating karma yoga, sustained mantra meditation, work with yantra, lovely walks in nature, and beautiful fresh food. Bliss! I don't remember feeling so alive, happy and energised for a long time. The motto of the Yunus Emre farm of 'Love and be loved' was apparent in every interaction and in all the teachings by our wonderful guides: Brahmananda, Atmatattwa and Yogapushpa. The Yunus Emre farm is a yogic ecological farm in southern Turkey where you can join one of the courses on offer, volunteer, arrange an individual retreat - or organise a seminar or retreat with your students. Life there is very simple and in harmony with nature, allowing creativity, inspiration and positive energy to flourish. I for one will go back as soon as I can. 




    om shanti

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