Paramahamsa Satyananda' s Maha Samadhi


    Issued By the Pithadhiswari of Rikhiapeeth, Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati

    Paramahamsa Satyananda who inspired millions to live the divine life took maha samadhi at midnight on December 5th.

    Acoording to the tradition for Paramahansas a shodashi puja (sixteen day ritual) will be observed at Rikhiapeeth for Paramahansaji which will culminate in the final puja on 22nd December.

    Disciples devotees friends and well wishers are flocking to rikhia to offer shradhanjali.

    All are welcome for the blessings of Paramahansaji that were abundantly flowing to all he came in contact with during his lifetime and have now magnified a thousandfold after he abandoned his body to attain maha samadhi.


    From September 2009 each week, we shall chant the Mahamrityun Jaya Mantra all together around a big fire  – Havan – for the well being of all.


    This mantra is Shiva ‘s muksha mantra, the mantra of Liberation which liberates from bondages, and leads to immortality.



    This mantra is the Mantra of Consciousness, it connects our inner being to the Supreme Being and opens the way to Higher Consciousness.


    This mantra is the Mantra of Victory – Jaya ; it protects from accidents of every kind and can heal illnesses even declared uncurable by doctors ... We can send the vibrations of the mantra to our beloved and help them overcome any kind of difficulty in life.


    This mantra is the Mantra of Hope, it says that everything is POSSIBLE.

    Even to turn our “enemies” into “friends” because for the High Consciousness there is neither “enemie” nor “friend”, but only thousands of billions of beings, separated in their manifested bodies yet united on the level of consciousness.


    Like this and in accordance with Swami Satyananda’s teaching in Bihar School of Yoga – India-  united to all the Satayananda Yoga Centers in the world and to many individuals and other centers around the Planet, we shall chant the Maha Mrityun Jaya mantra every Saturday evening around a big fire – Havan – to gather our energy into positive and creative vibrations for the well being of all.

    Giving a  chance for Evolution.

    The chanting will be followed by sharing of tchai – tea, and food , and music.

    Participation will be free according to your feeling.

    Children will always be more than welcome !!



    Words of the Maha Mrityun Jaya mantra here


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