is an aspiring sannyasin in the Satyananda Yoga tradition, who has been dedicated to the teachings and practices of Satyananda Yoga for the last 27 years, working in quite a wide variety of settings such as schools, colleges, hospitals, HIV+ centres, prison, old age homes, health units, retreat and yoga centres.

    Her teaching has taken her to several countries in Europe and worldwide as well as eight consecutive years teaching at the headquarters of Bihar Yoga Bharati in India.


    She has been involved with the co ordination of

    Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe since 2003

    and recently established

    Atma Seva Trust in India..www.atmasevatrust.org

    Atmatattwa's practical understanding of yoga is accessible and applicable to all.

    About Rikhia and Sivananda math's experiences : text written by Sannyasi Atmatattwa about SEVA .. HERE