SWAMI MAHESHANANDA SARASWATI is a wandering yogi who travels both nationally and internationally to conduct seminars and workshops on yoga.

    He was born in Raipur, India, in 1970. He completed the Yoga Teacher Training Course from the Bihar School of Yoga in 1994 and since then, has been actively involved in teaching yoga. In 1998 he successfully completed an M.A. in Yoga Philosophy from Bihar Yoga Bharati, the first University of Yoga in the world. He has taught the philosophical and practical aspects of Yoga and Tantra at the post graduate and undergraduate levels at Bihar Yoga Bharati as a Lecturer of the Yoga Philosophy Department from 1998 to 2005.

    Swami Maheshananda has also conducted yoga workshops, on a wide range of topics, in universities, corporate houses, sports organizations, yoga studios, schools, hospitals, prisons, temples, and other places, both within India and internationally.

    Through his personal experiences, backed by his scientific training and temperament, Swami Maheshananda has the ability to present some of the most profound yogic concepts with clarity and openness, providing new perspectives that are unique and refreshing.

    Those who attend his workshops appreciate and enjoy his remarkable ability to explain the essence of Yogic Philosophy in a lucid and down-to-earth style. His approach to teaching Yoga and Tantra is a welcome contribution to humanity that is treasured by many.

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