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    by Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati


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    Because this is the very purpose of the farm which is dedicated to Mother Nature,

    Because ecology nowdays is widely talked about yet rarely in its full depth,

    this new e-gazete will offer you a text by Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati, successor of her Guru Paramahamsa Satyananda

    This text is an invitation to the SAT CHANDI MAHA YAJNA which took place in december 2010, one year after Paramahamsa Satyananda ‘s departure into samadhi.

    Of course the invitation is not the purpose today but the text calls us back to our very roots in that that it recalls us how important, essential, VITAL, our connection with Nature is.

    Without connection to Nature, no communication with Nature, no ecology.

    In our modern world where Nature’s force, Nature’s powers have been forgotten, ignored, even scoffed at , where fear prevails over love .. we definitely need to re-establish the precious vital connection.

    How? YAJNA which is an ancient tantric practice comprising fire ceremony ( havan) repetition of sounds (mantras) and giving (daan) allows to re-establish this link by attuning our beings - we are beings of vibrations- to those of Cosmic Nature.

    Then we are able to FEEL Mother Nature everywhere, to feel this mysterious presence everywhere, and then all fears just vanish, only LOVE remains.

    This is definitely what we need today.

    So here is the text by Swami Satyasangananda -
    Excerpt from Sat Chandi Maha Yajna - An Invitation - Swami Satyasangananda

    The movie "LOVE AND THE ART OF GIVING" which you can download from the link in the folloing article is exactly the YAJNA

     Om shanti





    Sat Chandi Mahayajna is a celebration that takes place in Rikhia peeth ( place where lived Swami Satyananda Saraswati) where Nature is worshipped by the means of sacred fire ( havan) offerings ( daan) repetitions of sacred sounds ( mantras) all together being YAJNA



              AN INVITATION – Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati





              Worship of Nature is primordial. All cultures and civilizations have paid obediance to Nature from time immemorial. Nature is not just the trees, rivers, mountains, oceans, sky, flora and fauna that we see around us. Nature is cosmic. In this sense there is a manifest nature whose glory abounds all around us to witness and admire and there is an unmanifest Nature as well.

              This unmanifest Nature is the seed from which the entire creation springs forth. Therefore if we want to revere and worship Nature so that it may become benevolent towards us and shower its grace on us, it is the seed or the source which has to be invoked.

              Today there is a great deal of talk about ecology and the importance of ecological balance for the survival of this planet. We talk of planting more trees, of reducing our usage of petroleum products, of eliminating gas emissions resulting from industrial growth. Of course these are important steps in the right direction, but they are simply not enough.

              In order to restore the damage that is done by the folies of the human race, we have to return to the source of Nature in its primordial purity and awaken its benevolence and grace. Thas is the only power that can save us.


                                                                                       SPRING 2011 E-GAZETE - YOGIC ECOLOGY


    For Nature has within itself the ability to restore, rejuvenate and recharge itself. Man, in its egoism and ignorance has begun to think that he is more powerful than Nature, but there are many aspects of Nature that are still beyond his understanding and control. One tsunami or just one earthquake can wipe out millions and man is left floundering in the face of such a disaster.

              Apart from the external ecology there is also the internal ecology of man, his own individual nature which requires streamlining. His thoughts, emotions, feelings, dreams, ambitions, passions, fears, neuroses, psychosis, depression, disillusion amd anxiety often grow out of proportion and overwhelm him. The inner nature of man, which may be his own private domain, eventually spills over into the public arena.

              As a consequence we often witness acts of violence and mayhem where an individual who was reportedely very peaceful, serene, and well behaved, overnight turns into a savage madman and murders everyone in his village. No one could have imagined what was brewing inside as outwardly everything seemed totally normal.

              Man is composed of elements of the cosmic Nature. The gunas, sattwa, rajas and tamas pervade his very existence. Everything he feels,thinks, speaks and does is under the sway of the basic elements that the cosmic Nature has endowed him with. He may be born through the union of his parents, but the material stuff that he is made of is inherited from his cosmic parents, Shiva and Shakti.

              In order to bring balance to the activities of head, heart, and hands, and create harmony at all levels in the manifest as well as the unmanifest realm, on the individual as well as the universal plane, it is the worship of Nature in her most primordial form that will work most efficiently. That is what the ancients who worked for the progressive evolution of mankind prescribed.

              This is how the tradition of yajna evolved. Swami Satyananda has said that:

    “ yajnas herald the awakening of man’s consciousness. It was when man discovered fire that his awareness took a quantum leap. Fire existed even prior to that but man was unaware of it, just as even today animals are unaware of fire and its usage. It is when man discovered fire and grain that his life began to evolve and he has never looked back since.”

              Fire awakened man’s consciousness millions of years ago and brought him to his present level of awareness. If man has to evolve his awareness further to sublime heights, then once again he has to take the help of fire. The Vedas have proclaimed fire to be the forerunner which shoes the way and lights the path. The most ancient philosophy of tantra which predates history has also shown how the primordial element of fire is most effective for worshipping the cosmic Nature.

              Nature, the great planner, controller, chief executive and director of the entire manifest and unmanifest creation, is the mother who gives birth, sustains, nurtures, nourrishes and ultimately out of compassion sends the creation back to where it came from, to await a brand new birth at her behest. So in tantra, Nature has always been regarded as the ultimate goddess, Tripura Sundari, ruling over all the three worlds and even beyond. Tantra’s unique way of symbosizing each and everything gave Nature the status of Devi; rightly so because creation is the domain of the female . If we want to appease Nature and awaken her benevolence so that she showers her unending grace upon us it is the worship of Devi that will yield the desired results.

              With this aim in mind and with the sankalpa of peace plenty and prospertity on his lips, Swami Sastyananda introduced the tradition of the Sat Chandi Mahayajna in Rikhiapeeth in 1995 for the universal benefit of mankind. This tantric yajna, devoted to the worhip of the Cosmic Mother, was performed for fifteen years in the presence of Sri Swamiji at Rikhiapeeth, by learned pandits from Varanasi. This yajna was a part of his sadhana and sankalpa to help mankind earn divine intervention to overcome their sorrows and afflictions, and restore balance and harmony in their lives.



    The article continues to invite all to this sacred event which took place in December 2010.

    We should be very aware of the importance and tremendous effects of the Mahayajna both upon us when we go and witness and participate to the event and upon the whole planet, the whole universe.

    No word can really describe such power. It has to be experienced.

    This is yogic ecology.



    The article ends with :


              At the Sat Chandi Mahayajna in 2009, in one of his last darshans before Mahasamadhi, Swami Satyananda said:

    This Sat Chandi Mahyajna will continue in Rikhiapeeth and if you call me , I will come”



                                           Jai Gurudev ki – Jai Mata di



    Copyright Yoga Magazine, Edition no 8 – Sept 2010 – Year 9 
    published by Sivananda Math


                                                                                                       SPRING 2011 E-GAZETE - YOGIC ECOLOGY




    Mahasamadhi :a yogi's conscious decision to leave the body. This conscious decision to leave the body can be only attained by a yogi who has attained God Realisation

    Maha Yajna: a tantric celebration conducted by pandits ( Hindu priests) where Cosmic Nature is invoked and worshipped by the means of sacred fire (havan), offering (daan), repetition of sacred sounds (mantras).

    Darshan: can be define as “auspicious viewing” where the Master – Guru – or Deity offers His view to His devotees or disciples. Darshan is also a very powerful experience which takes place a different levels of consciousness.






    link to the wonderful movie of Sat Chandi Maha Yajna 2007

    pure illustration of what we NEED today

    by Simon Eugene



    available on a donation basis



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