• Special New Year, Tools for your Wishes for 2018 :)

    Egazete Full Moon, New year !

    Power of Intention – 2 january 2018


    We all know the power of Intention which, when properly expressed, can make our desires true and manifested, provided they are of course aligned with the Universe.

    So today, as the new year is just starting, like a new door opening towards another 12 month time, I wish to offer you 4 practical tools that could help you to succeed in the manifestation of your desires. These tools are found in yoga, and have been also transmitted to me by Nathalie, my teacher in financial independence. So… J  Thank you yoga, thank you Nathalie! J

    I suggest you put these tools into practice NOW !

    YES ! Right now, because the year has already started ! :)

    1. What if we start this new year with a DONATION ?

    Just like a beautiful resolution illuminates the following days and months, to decide to make a Donation opens the doors of our being and allows energy to flow freely…

    You, who helped me ceaselessly during the past years, you know that very well !

    To donate also means having this privilege of BEING ABLE to donate… And thus opens our psyche to the Awareness of Abundance… That is also a big subject about which another Letter of Financial Independence will be written soon…

    If you want to donate and you don’t know to whom… here is a lovely idea :

    Atma seva, whom many of you know, founded by my yoga teacher Atmatattwa, or Emma Taylor who supports forgotten children and needy elderly in the area of Rishikesh India … Huge work that you can discover HERE  ATMASEVA


    • Give a NAME to this new year

    It will give a color, a taste, a feeling to this coming year, which will guide all your actions and thoughts. For me there has been « Renaissance » after the fire, then « Reconstruction », then « Abundance »  and last year « Luminance »… What is the name for this year ? ? Allow me to keep it secret and lets check in 12 months !…

    What about YOU ? What will be the name of your 2018 year ?

    • Intention diary **

    Now, here, today, take a few minutes, like 10 to 15, and take a lovely note pad, a beautiful pen and project yourself in 12 months… Feel your life there… as if you would be there… Got it? Ok then write… write what you are living, what you have been living during this 2018 year, the new people you met, things you have done… Write whatever comes to you mind & heart, that you are experiencing in this REAL future… Make it REAL. Your ARE there and what you are writing is REAL.

    Then, close the note pad, and forget about it. And resume your present life… You will open this page again in 12 months exactly…and discover !!...

    Important note: this has to be done absolutely with the HAND and real pen and real paper. No computer, no phone or any kind of screen. We use the CREATIVE hand, real material paper, which have the symbolic power to transform our unmanifested thoughts into manifested reality…                    ;)


    • Mini Daily Intention

    By then, you can also from now on, decide of a small intention you will implement into your daily routine. A though/ an action, a small change that you will put into your life for at least 21 days; then most probably it will stay with you along the whole year !

    Ideas? Every morning I eat a fruit/ Every day I give little money/ Every day I write 10 minutes/ I practice abdominal exercises 10 minutes/ I do yoga every morning/ I give at least ONE smile to people in the street… find out more !! And Keep ONE idea to put into your life!


    If you do not know what could be your wishes, simply let yourself become a child again and ask to the Universe, to the Earth, to the Sky, to the Sea, to the Trees... They are but the mirror of your Heart :)



    So that’s all for now !....

    Little works, little tools, for our day to day lives… which have tremendous effects for our present AND future ! 

    They are Seeds which will Grow !

    Of course… Another important thing : Take good care of Yourself !

    Talk again soon in the next egazetes…

    Lots of things to tell you !!!


    Isabelle with Nathalie’s participation and yoga :) as always …



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