• Present situation of the Yunus Emre farm



    This page to review the situation ...


    As many people asked to come to the farm, i felt i need to give some recent news and review the situation :

    The Yunus Emre farm is presently  closed as far as activities are concerned: neither program, nor retreat, nor volunteering are possible due to the lack of accomodation; this lasts since the fire that took place in 2012;

    Yet.... behind the scene, the Yunus Emre farm prepares to look like new !


    --  We prepare an application for Fundings to TKDK, a supportive organisation of rural areas in Turkey;  it could allow the building of Anahat, our Guest House, and the installation of the solar system; we expect the application being given in beginning of 2017 and the result during spring... inshallah!

    Situation présente de la ferme Yunus Emre


    Another application to Yves Rocher Foundation has been done for TERRE de FEMMES prize : if we win, we will be able to build more accomodation and buy material for Anahat, like refrigerator and ovens; The accomodations we asked for are the Dormitoris, small wooden huts (see pic) for 2 :) Lets hope and cross the fingers; results end 2016 ...

    Present situation of the Yunus Emre farm



    Additionnaly a  Crowd Funding Campaign has been launched and many of you already made donations which allow ....

    -- The finishing of DURGA ,    Present situation of the Yunus Emre farmthe big Yoga Shala and Camelia for Seminars; 

                                    works starting soon with Enver Usta :) , more pics within one month ...


     -- Isabelle's house received a Solar Hot Water system + Wooden oven + other improvements :)


    We still need to build the TOOLSHED , FIX the LOTUS POND, big water reservoir,  FIX the EXISTING constructions (Saraswati tent/ Chandi tent/ Toilets/ Showers etc...) and of course we also need MONEY to hold on until the reopening ....

    So if YOU too want to HELP the reconstruction of the Yunus Emre farm ... feel free to DONATE ... it is HERE ...

    very easy and we would be VERY HAPPY!



    So like this, the farm is closed yet prepares the REOPENING for ...

    ...  AUTUMN 2017 ....

    Yunus Emre farm,

    Yogic Ecological farm,



    The farm will offer a large range of programs all aiming at...

    "Better Welfare for a Better World"...

    Just have a look:

    The farm as Place for Welcome  : green stays ecotourism, to experience the life in the farm  ...

    The farm as Place for Learning : orange stays, seminars - workshops  themes will be yoga, permaculture, ayurvéda, eco building, des arts, handycrafts, local traditions etc.

    The farm as Place for Sharing : blue stays, individual retreats with tailored program in yoga, ayurvéda permaculture, to regenerate body mind and soul;

    Here view a video of the Yunus Emre farm's project with more details


    With the tools of Yoga (which reconnects us to nature) and permaculture (which allow us to work with nature)

    the farm, with You, will become a Living Ecological place... sustainable and harmonious.


    If before the reopening you wish to visit us, it is possible : Contact us to arrange a schedule because the planning is very busy !

    And remember, if you wish to HELP the reconstruction, you may DONATE via this Link !  Thanks in advance ! Ommmm


    See you soon !!!


    Esmeralda, cat, ;)

    Iris, Lolita, Tigru, "catess"

    Mavi, dog :)  :) :)

    Founder, director;