• New website for the Yunus Emre farm

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    New website for the farm ! July 2017



     Not much to say this month... except that the New moon made me all-in hence the delay !

    And that...

    The new Website of the Yunus Emre farm is now launched !


    New website for the Yunus Emre farm


    Here the home page...https://yunusemrefarm.jimdo.com/

    Pictures of accomodation... Durga and Saraswati but not only ... and know that Saraswati is still under transformation so that the Princess & Squirrel rooms become even more beautiful !...

    General views, gardens, animals, seasons...

    And well... I hope you like it and won’t hesitate to share with some friends who might be interested in participating to some programs or stay...

    Have a wonderful summer / or winter :) ... and talk again soon !... if I dont fall into lethargy under this summer’s heat !!

    Om shanti