• Message from Isabelle, before Ecobuilding & Design camp March 2015


    Advance Notice

    As we are making preparations for the Ecobuilding and Design camp in Yunus Emre farm, I thought it would be a good time to remind you about Yunus Emre farm, what it is, how it started and its present condition almost 3 years after the devastating fire which took place in 2012.


    The Yunus Emre farm is an Experience.


    The Yunus Emre farm started in 2008.

    After 20 years spent in aviation as a pilot, aviation left me (in a very strange way indeed) and I « landed » in the region of Camlik to start the Yunus Emre farm. I had received a « message » for that a few months before.

    The farm is a place dedicated to Nature, Nature to be understood as the whole Creation, the whole Universe which sustains us, be it the planet, the animals, plants, minerals, everything, and of course, we human beings.

    The Yunus Emre farm aims to offer a chance for evolution.

    In this very crazy world we human beings seem so blind and deaf that we persist in killing the very source of our Life, the Earth.

    It seems that we completely forget that instead of being enemies, instead of fighting, killing, being violent, rivaling, competing, comparing, judging, we should be friends, brothers, sisters, cooperating, being compassionate, helping, tolerating, sharing, and LOVING...

    Nowdays many many people are becoming conscious, more aware of this.

    In the Cosmos, the quality of energy is changing (we will soon reach the end of Kali Yuga, the time of ignorance, chaos..) and a collective evolution speeds up ...

    All the Sages agree that this millenium will open to an era of Love...


    Yet, even though it appears easy and logical, to say « lets love  one another ! » rather than « lets fight ! » there are very powerful underlying forces in the unconscious realm of our consciousness, both individual and collective, which push us without our being aware of it, into completely false, broken, egocentered, destructive behaviour.

    As a yoga teacher, having learned the very nature of life and human beings, my wish, with Yunus Emre farm, is to share this knowledge with those who wish and allow conscious evolution.

    Many years ago my first yoga teacher, Jaya, told me : 

    « Learn how you function, and you will understand how the world functions » ;

    How true and how fundamental this is ! Indeed.

    Paramahamsa Satyananda said : « It is time to become what we really are ».


    Yes, and Yunus Emre farm is a place where we try to live as we simply are.

    Like this, Yunus Emre farm is a place to share appropriate teachings in the form of seminars, retreats, karma yoga, volunteering, where one can experience Conscious Living, with yoga practices and a healthy life in Nature. It is a place where we try to live WITH Nature, and not against it like in the modern world.
    As attractive as it may appear, as obvious as it may be, it is not so easy, precisely because of our education, conditioning, patterns, pressures of media and society, and again, inheritance that we carry in the collective and individual unconscious mind...

    But it is possible ! With Yoga and  Conscious Living !

    And Yunus Emre farm offers you the opportunity to try !



    Chronological  Summary:


    From 2008 to 2012, the farm was built, slowly slowly with the help of many volunteers, neighbours, friends. And many programs took place, permaculture courses, yoga seminars, yoga retreats...

    On the 12 September 2012 a tremendous fire devastated around 80% of the farm, destroyed all the accomodation, the office, kitchen, workshop, my house and almost all the trees and gardens.


    Miracle? Good luck? Destiny? The Yoga places were saved!

    Since then, thanks to a huge helping movement from all over the world, Yunus Emre farm slowly slowly is born again, just like the Phoenix who rises again from the ashes...
    A cute house has been built for me thanks to DONATIONS received from You... And in 2014 the farm started slowly slowly to reopen : we had a lovely Kid yoga camp in June, and a Detox program in May with Shankaprakshalana.

    This year 2015, emerges like the year of rebuilding, with the Ecobuilding and Design program made possible thanks to constant help and support from the Karine Yannick Kiko Team !

    So it is in that context that the Community project of the camp is taking place. I do hope you will be tolerant and understanding enough to accept very basic accomodation, the financial situation of the farm still being very precarious.

    The farm is on its « renaissance » path and I am convinced that thanks to ALL of US, it will flourish more and more, and become what it really is : a place of sharing and love.

    Om shanti


    Founder of the Yunus Emre farm

    Satyananda yoga teacher.



    Message from Isabelle, before Ecobuilding & Design camp March 2015

    Message from Isabelle, before Ecobuilding & Design camp March 2015Message from Isabelle, before Ecobuilding & Design camp March 2015