• July 2016: the Crowd funding campaign for the reconstruction

    Dear friends of the world,
    You know well that the times we pass are quite strong, hard, difficult and many of us go through painful situations, be it at political , social, economical, or human level or all together !…
    So many « negative » energies sprout from everywhere, causing pain and suffering to innocent people….
    However I find that precisely during these times of painful changes, it is essential to stay connected to the « positive » energies, which are also growing everywhere … we can see how the International Yoga day has become a hugely celebrated day all around the planet … by any kind of folk, from politicians to ordinary people like you and me …. 
    This gives me a lot of hope for the future of the world and i want to remind me always Paramahamsa Satyanandaji’s saying that Yoga will be the culture of tomorrow….
    Actually tomorrow has become … NOW … and YOGA becomes the culture of NOW ….

    So keeping this deep in my heart, I continue to chant mantras all time and work on the Yunus Emre farm’s project, which, as you will see in this new egazete, is about to bloom again soon with new programs, and most of all NEW ACCOMODATION and FACILITIES … ... hopefully !!! fingers crossed :)
    Works might actually start from this summer, and will probably last one year …
    Some money has already come to help … The farm is also applying for grants from a development agency here in Turkey, and …. well, if YOU also wish to give a hand to the farm’s reconstruction … this will be MORE than
    WELCOME !!!  the Farm needs support !!!
    That is indeed the purpose of this egazete ( in which you will find  videos and a specially dedicated website), to present you the CROWD FUNDING campaing newly launched to help the Yunus Emrefarm’s reconstruction !
    So i hope you will enjoy it … your comments and ideas are as usually ALWAYS welcome ;..
    Note that i will not  hassle you with too many emails about this campaign which is without any deadline, or limit of any kind, and on a "private" site of the Yunus Emre farm...
    I wish that you feel free to take your time to read, learn, search, investigate … if you wish too …. and donate … if and when you want too …. no stress !!!!
    Here is the site dedicated to this crowd funding campaign ...
    videos text images ...
    If however you wish to donate NOW without further investigation ...
    I will give you some news from time to time, and most of all images of what we will be doing soon …. :) 
    So to all of you , i send BIG THANKS for continuing to read the farm’s egazete … and i do hope to see you again soooooon in the new Yunus Emre farm !!!
    Om shanti
    Yogapushpa Isabelle