• Emergence of a new world 2nd part - June 2017

    Egazete Full moon - Lights of the world, June 2017 -

    Emergence of a new world, "University of the We"



    Last month we were talking about pioneers like Frederic Laloux showing in his book "Reinventing organizations" that new paradigmes are indeed emerging...

    And the success of his book shows a real interest, a real need from people to learn more about "How can we act to change, to improve, to become more responsible and involved in the worlds evolution ?..."

    Today we shall talk about a very special university called "University of the We" which precisely offers means, teachings, consultancy, webinars and lot more tools where they share their experience in "Self management" or "Shared Governance" (see previous egazete Emergence of a new world; 1rst part Frédéric Laloux" if you dont know what this means :)

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    Emergence of a new world 1rst part - April 2017


    So what / who is this “University of the We” :  (Université du Nous in french)

    Actually we must admit that even if the ideas of « personal development », « spiritual evolution », “better welfare” etc. are almost integrated in our consciousnesses, maybe part of our day to day lives, it is not the same story when it come to “collective development”, “work on Ourselves”...  and more generally speaking “managing the collective”...

    Often we find ourselves with treasures of wisdom inside but when we wish to put them into practice into the community ... pfff !...  we simply do not know how ! And our (big) egos catch us up !! :)

    Emergence of a new world 1rst part - April 2017

    So the « University of the We » is precisely working upon that topic...

    Foreseeing that the companies, groups, communities would need new types of organization while being Fair And Profitable, Respectful of all And Efficient... the University of the We elaborated a lot of management/ decision making/ communication/ interaction techniques which allow a harmonious and productive work inside a group where each member has equal value! (ex: new means to vote (beyond consensus: consentment and even voting without a candidate); New circle meeting techniques etc.)

    Emergence of a new world 1rst part - April 2017


    Here two short texts by Laurent Van Ditz explaining "Living organization" concept and "Shared Governance"

    We shall talk about another pioneer next month : Frederic Laloux...



                      1.  Living organisation and its « reason for being »

    by L. Van Ditz - University of the we-


    We shall start from an hypothesis :

    You may approve it or not, it is not important; just let yourself be held by the ideas and imagine what could change in your project, in your organization according to this vision of the world...

    Emergence of a new world 1rst part - April 2017


    Let us imagine that when some persons decide to realize a project, they actually respond to a collective call, or capture somehow a kind of need of our world which is here somewhere, just wanting to manifest into matter through a realization...


    This is for us the idea of “living organization”: not created by the super égo- willpower of some people seeking money or power or whatsoever, but actually an idea, a project which is already here, in the dormancy state and seeks for people to become realized...

    According to that hypothesis, the creation, development and management of the project become totally different from what we know and there comes the concept of “Reason for being”:

    The “Living organization” being actually autonomous, its “Reason for being” has to be discovered, and not decided; it can summarize its purpose in this world, yet it will be essentially evolving along with the discoveries of the projects holders;

    For they will have to be the listeners, they will have to follow the “Living organization” and sense with their intuition where and how the organization wants to go.

    That’s how the reality of the “Living organization” will have a chance to manifest; it is not the vision of the human founders; the human here are serving the organization, allowing it to become manifested.

    Then this “Reason for being” will be like a guide allowing the managers to check if they are correctly managing the organization according to its destiny or according to their own desires which could be motivated by more financial gains or whatsoever...


    So managing a “Living organization” is actually serving the idea which came to us for the benefit of the whole system. Using the “reason for being” of the organization help us to follow the higher guidance rather than our little “I”.



    Emergence of a new world 1rst part - April 2017





                   2. Shared Governance and Changes in society ;

    by L. Van Ditz - University of the we-


    How could shared governance change the societies?

    Why do we seek for new forms of organizations? Why do we want other ways of working together?  Why do we want to change the way power is used nowadays ? What is the philosophy behind the idea of shared governance?


    Since long, our societies are made of organizations of many different kinds, however almost all of them have in common that they function according to the “pyramidal pattern” : the big boss being at the top, all people below him receive orders from higher, give orders to lower stages... Nothing really democratic, nothing really nourishing human values and development of our potentials...


    Most of all, the present times show the inadequacy of those systems to solve the problems that we presently face at all levels in the world...

    Einstein said apart from e=mc2 that ....

                 “We won’t be able to solve the problems we face Emergence of a new world 1rst part - April 2017

    with the same level of thinking that we had when we created them”

                          And That is exactely the point:





    Let’s take another hypothesis: imagine that the WAY we create has an impact over what we create... then we can easily figure out that if we change the way we work together, then the whole society could maybe change ?


    And there comes “Shared governance” which gives us the opportunity to completely review our vision, thoughts and emotions regarding hierarchy, authority, power, decision and all concepts that build any kind of organization;


    Generally we perceive “power” either like a Graal to obtain at all costs to impose our egos onto others, or like the worst thing to be eradicated due precisely to this previous idea. In both cases I am either “for” or “against” power. Nothing really creative...

    Shared governance gives to “power” its creative virtues and responsibilities. By getting out of the “victim” / “big boss” circle, the way opens to individual and collective freedom; we rediscover that being all interconnected brings about the emergence of our collective consciousness; And power cease to be power Over other, but  power Of doing, creating, managing, deciding...

    The Shared Governance is an extraordinary invitation to think new, to reinvent the paradigms which  condition our living together and live power in a totally creative way enabling each of us to participate to the building of our new world;

    Besides, by readjusting our relationship to power, authority and all foundations of our patterns, we necessarily go through a process of inner transformation which is indeed challenging!

    To change our organizations means to change ourselves!

    Either we choose to stay in our limited patterns, or we decide to fly!


    Emergence of a new world 1rst part - April 2017

    University of the We = Université du Nous 

    on this website, all in french...