• Egazete New Moon News in Real Time 14 march 2018

    Egazete New Moon News in Real Time 14 march 2018


    Where shall I start ? Things are moving so fast !

    -- Instant news about the ENORMOUS change that comes …

    -- Then ? What’s next ?

    -- Short summary about the egazetes & letters




    I just share with you the news I know, which are very incomplete for I just do not know much ! However everything happens in real time.

    Departure from Turkey is confirmed and along with the departure of course the Yunus Emre farm will stop… I can reasonnably cannot carry the farm in my luggages !

    Let me reassure you though and give a few details about the reasons of this decision:

    The lawyer is NOT responsible for my decision, nor is the last discussion I had with him last february (if you missed this tremendous event, please read here !! not too late to be informed !!)

    The political situation of Turkey is not either the reason of my departure.

    If we have to find a reason… lets say that my “time” in Turkey has simply come to an end. I did here what I had to do. And I probably have nothing more to do !... Except let myself be held in the arms of whom is turning this page of my life to carry me towards a new shore…

    The Yunus Emre farm has been a wonderful venture during 4 years with welcoming, sharing, learning, teaching , volunteering, karma yogiing … Then the fire changed the whole thing… Then 5 years passed where I did my best to rebuild what I could … with YOUR help… However I understood that offering what I love is not  enough to earn a living … It also has to meet the demand  or needs of a like minded audience … And in Turkey such an audience is almost inexistant … Yet in France like minded people (yoga, shared governance, spirituality, doing together etc) are many ! Thus I will be definitely able both to do what I love, teaching yoga, writing books, giving seminars & lectures AND earn a living from it… And remember I also learn how to manage money ! Which is also important !! And gardening and animals will of course not be forgotten !!

    So this last step with the lawyer is just putting everything clear so that I start to pack my luggages!

    And it is not a metaphor !

    I am thinking of leaving in autumn, but it might be before.

    Actually I dont know. There are many factors and concretly speaking a LOT to solve.

    Friends just came to visit me today and found out that a very good friend of them, lawyer and trustable lady, could maybe help me to gain something from the Moon garden ?... So we shall know more in the next weeks … And you will be informed of course !

    From now on a lovely place is awaiting us : Mavi the dog will probably be adopted by the shaman family living in the moutains; as for me and the four cats, Marie Pierre (the friend with whom we organize the Yoga & Trek program) is willing to accomodate us !!!! So i am very grateful and happy ! It is in the "Haut Beaujolais" little village 1 hour north of Lyon; to start to settle in our new life ! ...

    By the way there are stil a few spaces left for this Last program in the farm Yoga & Trek ! Info here !

    Thank you also to the other friends who offered accomodation ! :)

    So what’s next ? …. Life will tell… I am totally confident and also very very curious to discover the next pages being slowly written … Of course yoga will be always here ! ….

    I will be able to soon write the end of the second book “the Yunus Emre farm, a land of sharing and loving” … :)



    To finish, I will send another mail in the next days to make sure you receive the egazete/ letter you have choosen and wish to receive.
    You may notice that nothing is automatical, I dont like the automatic mailing lists and news letters much and I hope to be able to continue to do things manually so that I feel I am writting personaly to all of you  :)  I hope you feel it .

    So, all for now, with some nostalgia which also came recently and will help to go back to my country after 30 years outside !...

    Isabelle Esméralda , Iris, Tigrou, Lolita…!!!


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