HARI OM 

    Spring slowly slowly comes again - at least for us in the northern hemisphere ... :o)... and brings along the opening of the Yunus Emre farm... This e-gazete's subject is precisely the program of this year, AND some reflections about what we can call "THE BIGGER PICTURE OF YOGA" .. where we realize that yoga is not only asana and pranayama but  goes far beyond and leads to a great opening .... 
    For more details , click on the links in Blue ... Happy reading..

    21 APRIL : OPENING of the farm with a YOGA ECOLOGY WEEK END 
    such program will be held once a month

    11- 13 MAI : we are very pleased to welcome again SANNYASI ATMATATTWA for a 

    During the whole season HATHA YOGA CLASSES 
    will be given every SUNDAYs "HATHA YOGA SUNDAYS"

    Of course the YOGIC LIFE STYLE RETREAT PROGRAM also resumes on the 21 APRIL 
    An opportunity to take TIME FOR YOU, to center yourself, have a "break" and maybe find a new dimension to Life ?

    In OCTOBER we shall welcome SAVIANA PARODI for a 10 days 
    PERMACULTURE  DESIGN COURSE, to learn the bases of this fantastic system that provides thousands of "SOLUTIONS" which could greatly improve the fonctionning  of our todays modern world ... 
    Main TOPIC : WATER HARVESTING - very important subject as you may know ...

    Additionnaly the farm OPENS to VOLUNTEERS from 21 MARCH :o)   WELCOME to YOU !

    Finally a very NEW program : The farm offers it SPACE to "GUEST SEMINARS
    meaning that if you have a yoga center, if you are yoga teacher, you will be able to come to the farm with YOUR students to organise YOUR seminar ... Besides this program may be coupled with a tour allowing you to discover some of the famous Turkey's treasures 
    Do not hesitate to forward and share with your yogi- yogini friends !

    "THE BIGGER PICTURE OF YOGA" this is this "spiritual" dimension which changes our lives for the better, once we get even a slight glimpse of it... 
    First part will be this article about Sri Swami SIVANANDA's teachings, to be read HERE.
    (As Paramahamsa Satyananda is a disciple of Sri Swami Sivananda, the Satyananda yoga takes its very roots into the Sivananda Yoga)




    To finish i wish to THANK DEEPLY all of the DONORS who helped and help the farm.
    Money is important, most of all WHAT we do and HOW we do it , is important.

    Thanks to you, the farm may continue its journey along the path of YOGA and ECOLOGY towards its aims:

    -- transmitting, sharing the Satyananda yoga's teachings, the Ancient Wisdom of the True Knowledge which allow to clear up the veil of darkness, dissipating ego's suffering .... (even if the road is long !! ) 
    -- establishing an ecological place based on Permaculture, in total HARMONY with the Universe, where a simple yogic life allows us to CONNECT with NATURE and OUR true Nature.

    Like this offering this possibility to share knowledge and experience with AWARENESS the Yunus Emre farm slowly slowly becomes a LIVING place which BENEFITS to MANY.
    Thank you for reading and supporting the farm. 
    Om shanti
    Isabelle Yogapushpa
    Yunus Emre Farm Founder