• Awareness of Abundance or Fear of Lacking

    Full Moon Egazete   2 march 2018

    Awareness of Abundance or Fear of lacking ?


    Do you feel rather serene, peaceful, feeling abundance all around you, as if only by extanding your arms you could receive it ?

     Or do you feel fear of tomorrow, fear of not having enough, do you always need to accumulate things, do you panic when your bank account drops a bit too much ?  

    It the first case you are Aware of Abundance; in the second case you are in the Fear of Lacking ; 

    Awareness of Abundance or Fear of Lacking



    Let’s have a look at two approaches which lead to the same result : Abundance Is Everywhere.


    Permaculture vision of Abundance :

    In permaculture just like in any spirituality, it is said that Abundance is here around us, everywhere; and that we only have to open the arms, the hands, the heart and our baskets, to harvest the benefits !

    Can this vision be real ? Specially in our modern world where people crave everywhere for basic needs ?

    Yes, it is real because Abundance IS NATURE.

    However in our modern world, because we have cut the link to Nature, we also cut the link to Abundance. We have become slaves of our egos…

    Yet things are changing, the world evolves fast, consciousnesses open, and permaculture is one of the big movement which shows practical tools & teachings to reconnect ourselves to Nature. Simply by creating a design of a place which is copying Nature, we can recreate Abundance… 


    Yogic vision of Abundance :

    Do you remember “Santosh” one of the niyama of yoga, kind of guideline for our life which encourages us to live in “Contentment” :  Santosh is, the art of being satisfied of any situation that arise, be it difficult or easy, painful or pleasant… and for sure it is much more difficult to apply Santosh in difficult than easy times --

    When we cultivate Santosh in our lives, we become aware that “All events that happen in our lives are meant for our spiritual growth”

    And that is the big tool, the big understanding which gives our life another dimension. That of Abundance !

    Because by keeping this Contentment inside us, we rapidly move to the certainty that « everything is perfect ».

    Everything is perfect, simply because it IS.

    It means that we Accept the situation – whatever it is – for what it IS. And that’s it. No question, no judgement, no worry. Everything is Just Perfect.

    Being in that feeling, in that energy, Opens our consciousness to the Awareness of Abundance.

    It is not magical, it is exactly the same as when we connect with Nature to get inspiration for the design of a place. We are connected to the Source, to the Universe, to the Higher Consciousness, in which Abundance resides.

    So similarly being “content” connects us to the inner Source, which is connected to the Higher Source… All Same…


    Awareness of Abundance or Fear of Lacking


    Yet there is an obstacle to this Awareness of Consciousness : guess what ? Ego of course… Ego and the Fear of Lacking which resides deep inside our sub/ unconscious minds. Old prehistoric, genetic memories, the pattern of fear is deeply rooted and at the slightest scare of life – bank account dropping down, nothing to eat in the fridge, being fired suddenly – FEAR comes out sometimes very strongly.

    In reaction to that, we tend to accumulate, keep, grasp whatever we think will create our security.

    But, and that is the paradox : this seemingly security is a big trap !

    For indeed, accumulating more and more things, more than we need, only create more FEAR !!!... And takes us AWAY from the feeling, the awareness of Abundance !! It creates a veil upon our eyes, upon our perceptions which renders Abundance unvisible, unperceptible !

    The fear of lacking locks all doors of Abundance and takes us into a dangerous vicious circle where whatever we do, nourrishes this fear… like Picsou or Gripsou !


    Awareness of Abundance or Fear of Lacking


    So let us cultivate santosh, contentment, which lead to Abundance, or in a different manner, lets create a design inspired by Nature, and then we shall discover Abundance…

    Abundance IS EVERY WHERE. We just have to OPEN our HEARTS to feel it.

    Yes it takes time, practice and inner work, inner transformation… And despite the work, fear may come again… And that’s ok, I call it Picsou, I explain that everything is very fine, reassure it, and then Picsou-fear gets calmer and calmer… opening the perception to Abundance which gets firmer and firmer.


    And this Awareness of Abundance brings along a deep Confidence in Life ;

    The strong sensation of being everywhere totally secure, whatever happens.

    Is there something more precious?