• After four and a half year of withdrawal, a report

     New Moon, news of the farm March 2017 Egazete

    After four and half year withdrawal, a report... 


     Every day more people become aware that the present way of life that our modern society offers us is not right, is actually totally wrong...

    Not only it leads the world before too much longer into social, political and economic chaos, but ... it does not even makes us happy!

    Without a doubt we have comfort and material goods, more than we ever had; supermarkets are overflowing with food ... yet we are not happy!

    We are in fact sick and our actual sickness lies in the loss of connection to ourselves, to others and to nature in every sense,  animals, plants, mineral, cosmos...

    Being constantly connected to material and virtual we lose our balance, we lose our health... we lose our true identity...




    After four and a half year of withdrawal, a reportFAfter four and a half year of withdrawal, a reportortunately things are quickly changingAfter four and a half year of withdrawal, a reportAfter four and a half year of withdrawal, a report


    All around the world, pioneers have felt years ago that our world was going wrong and laid foundation stones for a better world; a world where a Smile is more important than to punch in, a world where human relations are more important than material ones, a world where human being comes back to his real position of being an integral part of a SENTIENT, LIVING and CONSCIOUS universe where animals, plants, minerals are ALIVE, PULSATE and even talk ! **

    And the Yunus Emre farm is one of those places ;


    So I want to tell you

    After four and a half year of withdrawal, a report


    Thank you for having supported me and the farm until now ; you all know that without your moral and financial support, the farm would have sunk after the fire... Now, after four and half years of withdrawal, a lot of reflection and study we soon reach the reopening...

    You helped the farm because you believe in it, you also feel that the world needs fresh air.... Well, fresh air is coming ! The farm will soon reopen, with new programs, a new website, and hopefully everything will be revealed in the April egazete... :)

    By then, let me offer you this short video showing what has been done during the last four years... Just two minutes and you’ll know everything!


    or via this link ...https://youtu.be/NtgjqoRaWeA

    Talk again soon  !!!


    Isabelle cats, Mavi the dog, trees, plants, flowers, bees, stones and all beings around !

    ** In a short future we’ll talk about communication with animals and plants... :)