• 5. Reconstruction and Financing plans with Tkdk* and other sources

    YUNUS EMRE FARM's project


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    The project comprises different parts, regarding both Schedule and Finances




    FIRST PART of the project




    Anahat the Guest house + Solar energy system  =   TKDK* + BANK financing  

    (about TKDK see at the end of this article)

    ANAHAT is the HEART of the farm (by the bye Anahat means Heart in sanscrit); Anahat is ESSENTIAL to the farm, it will be the place where we can gather any time in all seasons, hot or  cold, dry or rainy... 

    The SOLAR system will  comprise 20 solar panels, 8 batteries and other accessories; we also plan SOLAR water heaters for Anahat.


    Our maximum budget is 250 000 TL** - and will have to include the following :

    -->   Anahat's construction, as well as preparation, studies (which take place now) 

    -->  the SOLAR energy system, for electricity and water


    TKDK's grant might cover up to 65% of the full budget, a bank loan will cover the 35% remaining; we shall start to give this money back when the farm resumes its activities - estimated in autumn 2017 -


    Anahat's construction will be triggered by TKDK's DECISION (hopefully positive:) : between novembre 2016 and april 2017 - work duration is estimated at 3 months.

    The solar system installation might take place as soon as the Toolshed is built... and for the water heater, of course it willcome after Anahat is finished... 

     SECOND PART of the project



    Other Accomodation and annexes  =  Crowd Funding Campaign :)

    The other accomodation and annexes are : (see more details in part 6 of this campaign : Different ways of helping)

    -- the small wooden huts : Dormitoris =  everything has to be built;

    -- the toolshed = everything to be done :) 

    -- toilet and shower huts  = existing constructions needing some renovation

    -- existing tents : Saraswati et Chandi = to renovate and strengthen :)

    -- Durga the big Yoga shala  = existing construction, which however need a real floor, walls and some arrangement !...


    4 - Plan de Reconstruction et Financement du projet avec TKDK et Autres Sources4 - Plan de Reconstruction et Financement du projet avec TKDK et Autres Sources4 - Plan de Reconstruction et Financement du projet avec TKDK et Autres Sources

    The financing of this part is much more delicate... and I dare to tell you genuinely that...

    I completely leave it up to you.... up to the Universe....

    4 - Plan de Reconstruction et Financement du projet avec TKDK et Autres Sources4 - Plan de Reconstruction et Financement du projet avec TKDK et Autres Sources4 - Plan de Reconstruction et Financement du projet avec TKDK et Autres Sources

    If you know the farm since some time, you probably know that the farm's financial situation is still very critical...

    Although I do my best, I can't live upon the very small incomes brought by the yoga classes in Antalya... Only thanks to YOUR DONATION can I keep going !..

    However I strongly believe that when the farm resumes its activities, money will flow again... but for that the farm NEEDS accomodation and better facilities to welcome guests ...

    So that it why I finally decided to launch this Crowd Funding campaign... both to help the rebuilding of the farm and the Life during construction....


    TODAY 22 october , I already can tell you that donations have come; we are going to  FINISH DURGA in a few weeks; soon pics will come

    besides we APPLIED FOR " TERRE DE FEMME" PRIZE from YVES ROCHER FONDATION to maybe get fundings for the DORMITORIS; crossing fingers!


    So to come back to this Fund Raising : there might be different ways to support the reconstruction of the farm :

     ---> you may wish to DONATE to help us hold on until the farm resumes activities and generate incomes... its HERE !

    ---> you may wish to PARTICIPATE into the building of some construction - totally, partially.. as you wish - All details about Various ways to help are to be found HERE ...

    --- > all other details about this Fund Raising campaign are found in its dedicated website :

    YUNUS EMRE FARM - Crowd Funding Campaign




    Lastly some confidence from my heart to your heart  :)


    Despite of the huge difficulties and obstacles that I found on the way of the Yunus Emre farm since its birth in 2008, I do continue to strongly believe in it.

    The Yunus Emre farm project comes from the heart.

    It allows our hearts to express.


    So, although having almost not a penny left, I take up this new era established in Absolute Trust, with the "sankalpa" of the Yunus Emre farm's reconstruction in my heart;


    And even if only ANAHAT gets built, well that will be fine, we can at least resume programs and generate some incomes :) and slowly slowly the farm will continue its way with its friends... hands in hands ...

                                                       And you know already that Donation have arrived which will allow DURGA construction !!!!!!


    Wholeheartedly Big Thanks for your interest towards Yunus Emre farm,

    Big thanks for your support and donations,

    Big thanks for your TRUST;


    Om shanti...


    Founder, manager.


     4 - Plan de Reconstruction et Financement du projet avec TKDK



    And for those who wish to learn about TKDK  ....

    TKDK is a turkish development agency which receives funding from European Union and distributes them to projects according to specific criterias.


    4 - Plan de financement du projet avec TKDK

    What are the criterias ? 

    The project should bring benefit to the region, the local people, maybe involve their participation, promote the local culture...

    The Yunus Emre farm totally fits with the "Rural tourism" sector, and will definitely be able to bring benefits to many, once activities restart...


    We are now continuing to prepare our application which should be given by Septembre 2016

    Then TKDK studies our case and gives its decision between 2 to 7 months  = Novembre 2016 to Avril 2017 latest;

    Positively imagine that :)  TKDK APPROVE ;) our application...

    Then we take out a Loan up to the total amount of the budget, because we must start works with "our" money. Only when construction is finished will TKDK pay up to 65% of the invoices.

    And then the farms resume activities, generate incomes and pays the loan back, slowly slowly ...


    and to continue surfing in the campaign ....

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